Healing Green Tea & Chickpea Soup with Garlic Tortilla Triangles

A problem I’ve discovered from hanging out with freshers* and going to freshers’ parties is that it’s really really easy to become ill.

You might remember that I visited Leeds a couple of weeks ago when I wrote my post about mini lemon cakes. What I didn’t know as I sat there blabbing about food is that the next day I’d have the ‘flu. Ahhh I was so blissfully unaware. A 35p packet of paracetamol, a lot of travel tissues and a few mugs of Lemsip and I was on the mend…or so I thought.

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Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin and Rye Bundt Cake

Now that I’ve broken the metaphorical cake-seal on the blog in my last post, it seems that the floodgates have opened and all I’m making is cake. There’s this pumpkiny one (because I had yet to make a pumpkin recipe this season), a maple pecan one from Linda Lomelino’s NEWLY TRANSLATED CAKE BOOK!!!! (coming soon…) AND this carrot cake I made for Design Sponge (piccies below). It’s been advantageous for me because I usually get what I call #cakerage during these cake baking sessions. It’s always all fine up until the frosting time. Then I break down and want to give up and eat the cake with my hands, animal-style.

I did get…a bit angry…maybe…when the frosting for my carrot cake starting melting after the sun came out to say hello :| ugh of course. Then I learned that if you put desiccated coconut on the edges of cakes it doesn’t matter if it’s messy as heck cos nooo one will knoooow shhhhh. The whole process went a lot smoother for subsequent cakes so I have a bit less hate in my heart for making layer cakes now!

Carrot Cake Carrot Cake

I made this Chocolate chip, Pumpkin and Rye cake for the GB chefs blog so if you want to surf the cake wave with me, stop over there to check out the recipe – or just look at the snaps here and feel all cosy and autumnal. Then go get yoself some hot chocolate just because.

Meanwhile I’ve got a cookie recipe and two savoury recipes (lasagne and soup! because right now I want all of that kind of hot, curl-up-with-a-blanket food to eat whilst catching up on Homeland) that are also in the pipeline for el blahg so stay tuned, chickies :*

Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin and Rye Bundt Cake

Small Batch Lemon Cakes (Gluten Free + High Protein)-2


Hello lovelies, I’m up in Leeds this week living the pretend-uni-life in my friend’s halls (she actually is at uni here though). I’ve got spag bol simmering on the stove and Swedish chocolate cake batter ready to go into a cake tin – I’m totally ready for this semi-adult life.

I thought it was about time I posted a cake recipe on my blog though, I mean it’s been a really long while since I’ve made anything cakey on TWC. I did have a gluten-free Swiss Roll recipe up on GB chefs last week but you probably didn’t see that SO I made some mini loaf cakes!

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…we’re going to catch a big one..(?) (I hope someone got the bear hunt story reference there)

Vegan Coconut Bostock

Hola everybody,

The blog tour of my cookbook kicked off this week as it has just been released in America! For the next few weeks bloggers all over the place will kindly be posting recipes from my book (sometimes with mini interviews too!). Check the schedule out here so you can read (& cook) along with us :)

Read on to get the recipe!

Carrot Cake Pancakes 039

It’s not hard to tell that breakfast food is my number one genre of tasty things to make. Take one look at my instagram and within a month of photos, 4/15 of them are of a breakfasty nature. I’d like to say that it’s because I’m a ‘morning person’ but I’m really, really not. It’s not that I’m grumpy at 7 am, I’m just kinda slow. Slow and forgetful. Don’t try to tell me facts when I wake up because half an hour later I will have no recollection of what was said. These traits aren’t particularly useful when trying to follow a recipe.

This is why, if I’m eating pancakes or waffles, there’s a 90% likelihood that it is midday. And now that it’s September I can officially feel not weird when eating warm, cosy food all the time. These pancakes are the epitome of what I’d want all my food to be like – warm, subtly sweet and slightly indulgent (helloooo vanilla mascarpone whipped cream! Yes I will dollop this on everything).

Read on to get the recipe!

Top With Cinnamon Book Launch at West Elm

September 5, 2014

I’m in Chicago this week and headed down to New Mexico next week but I still need to tell you about my book launch! I’ve already instagrammed and facebooked it but if you haven’t seen the details yet here ya go! The book launch will be held at the West Elm London store (Tottenham Court […]

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Top With Cinnamon, The Cookbook!!

August 23, 2014

It has been about a year since I started making my book and today is when I finally get to tell you as much info as poss about it. Mainly I wanted to show you the cover, cos unless you’ve looked it up or seen it on instagram you probably have no idea what it […]

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GIVEAWAY + Grain Free Matcha Granola and Iced Coconut Matchaccinos

August 19, 2014

No, that’s not what you might think it is – it’s actually granola (which is addictive as heck). I veeeery nearly called this Munchies Granola and then thought I should maybe not do that. Let’s save the weed puns for the comments sections, yeah? K Cool. It IS green but that’s due to the heavy-handed sprinkling […]

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Chocolate Chia Ice Cream!

August 1, 2014

(Quickly wanna say thanks for all the kind words on my 3rd blogaversary post a couple of weeks ago!) I thought that this week I’d go for something a lot more fitting weather-wise. ICE CREAM. Well, maybe it’s ice cream but it doesn’t involve cream, eggs or even cornstarch. Technically  it should have one of […]

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Three Years! and a Chocolate & Cherry Meringue Stack Cake {gluten-free}

July 20, 2014

Three years (..and two days) since starting my blog. Man, I’m not really sure what to say! It’s weird enough to think that I’ve been on here for 1/6 of my life when it barely feels like a few months have passed. Now I kind of wish that I’d written one of those ‘futureme.org‘ emails […]

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