Sweden Photography Workshop & 5 Basic Photography Tips (ft. SORTED)

5 Basic Photography Tips

When I decided to take my gap year (not a gap yah) last summer I didn’t think I would be travelling at all! No trips to Bali to ‘find myself’ or backpacking around the world. Somehow though, I’ve ended up spending a month in New York with plans to travel to Berlin next month, then Sweden in July…

That last trip is one I’m particularly excited about – I’ll be joining the dream-team of Eva and Carey who are hosting a Food Styling, Photography and Portrait Workshop in Sweden along with Elenore. If you’d like more info about the workshop you can check out the details and book yourself a ticket here. 

If you’re just looking for some basics to get you started, then this post is for you! One of the things I (and probably loads of food bloggers) are asked about a lot is food photography. It can be intimidating picking up a DSLR and trying to figure out how to use it. I teamed up with my friends at SORTED to make a fun video for you to quickly explain the basics. I’ve also added stills for each tip with a written explanation below. Let me know if you enjoyed the vid & tips and if so I’ll work on some more Tip-Type posts (also feel free to suggest things you’d like me to write tutorials on).

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Lime, Mango and Elderflower Cakes

Elderflower, Lime and Mango Cakes 054

You may have gauged from my instagram feed that I’m in New York at the moment! I’ve been eating a whoooole lot of ice cream  – 4 different places in one week, and I have 3 weeks left! I swear Morganstern’s has been recommended to me at least 10 times now, so that’s my next stop don’t worry.

Meanwhile a 6th floor, walk-up apartment means that a) I double check that I have EVERYTHING I need before walking out the door (no way am I walking back up if I do forget something) and b) Tell myself that it’s therefore okay, maybe even required, that I’m eating ice cream all the time. Elderflower, Lime and Mango Cakes 145

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