Triple Lemon Swirly Scones

I have to confess that I’m obsessed with lemon. It’s sweet and tart at the same time: magical.
These scones were originally supposed to have a maple-currant filling which is totally cool, but I said scrap that, I want me some lemony scones!
Triple. Lemon. Swirly. Scones.
Nothing bad about that. These scones are crisp on the outside and fluffy in the center. They go well with raspberry jam, but only unicorns could make them any better.
There’s a Triple in their name for a reason:
These scones start off with a dough infused with the zest and juice of 1 lemon. That’s 1,
then there is the filling, using more lemon zest and juice…2.
Lastly there’s the tangy lemon glaze with more lemon juice. Three.
Congratulate yourself once you make these, by eating a scone *cough* or three *cough *

Chocolate Snappers

More cookies.
More chocolate,
More cinnamon.
The story of my life, it’s true. I’ve noticed that most of my post seem to contain/be one or more of the above things. Well, I don’t really mind, they’re all the best things anyway :)
Chocolate snappers are such a childhood classic for me, them and oatmeal cookies (ha..cookies, chocolate and cinnamon again). They’re great warm from the oven whilst they’re still slightly soft and the chocolate chips are melty, and then once cooled, they become crunchy and ‘snappy’, and much more tasty.
I totes know why these cookies are called chocolate snappers. It’s obvious that a legally blonde ‘snap cup’ was involved, resulting in lots of ‘snaps for chocolate cinnamon cookies’, and thus their name was born. Yeah, don’t deny it, you know it’s a flawless explanation.

Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here are some facts I recently learned:
Fact 1: Watching the biggest loser after eating chocolate chip cookies make me feel better about myself
Fact 2: There’s a lot of product placement in biggest loser
Fact 3: These chocolate chip cookies are the best I’ve ever tasted

Yeah, I’m guessing you can tell I wanted a way to feel less guilty about eating lots of chocolate chip cookies and that, well, I found it. But I have to say, these cookies are worth the guilt. There are so many different types of chocolate chip cookie, these are the soft, chewy kind, like ‘soft baked’ ones from the store.

They have 3 pretty weird awesome things in them which make them so good:

yeast – weird, I know, I’ve seen it in a few other cookie recipes before. They give the cookie an extra flavor dimension, not a bread-like, yeasty flavor, just something I can’t really describe. You can leave it out if you’re too weirded out :(

browned butter– this improves the texture of the dough, and the cookie whilst adding buckets of flavor

gram flour– optional, but I’ve found it gives the cookie a softer texture. Umm, there is one thing though,  it also makes the dough taste like peas… yeah. For me, it’s a good thing as it stops me eating the cookie dough, and I promise that the pea flavor ( :S ) will be gone once your cookies are baked!

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Cinnamon, Raisin, Walnut Sourdough Bread

It was love at first sight when I stumbled upon this recipe while browsing blogs. I had some sourdough starter which I wanted to use plus I knew I wanted to make a bread with a more open texture than usual. It sounded perfect. So I set to work and found that it was pretty easy and laid back to make. Only a little kneading is actually required, and the dough basically spends most of its time in the fridge.
And then, when you bake the bread, well the smell is amazing. Mmmm.
I was kinda scared the yeast in the starter wasn’t enough to make the bread rise but I was pleasantly surprised ,after cutting the bread, to see the wonderful texture, full of large pockets and gluteny strands. The bread has a chewy texture with a crisp crust, and the walnuts provide that delectable extra crunch. The cinnamon and raisins? Well of course they’re gonna be fine, they’re the best flavour couple ever.

Chocolate Macarons

Before going on a mini trip to France this past weekend, I decided to make some macarons (which fit nicely into the whole french theme).
In my opinion, macarons are ridiculously cute. I love their bubbly ‘feet’ and how oh-so-small they are.
These take a little while to make and this was only the second time I had ever made macarons, I was a bit nervous. But, they are definitely worth the extra effort.
I’ve found, you can’t truly appreciate these buttons of chocolaty goodness until you have experienced making them (unlike some people who bulldoze their way through over 20 macarons like they were popcorn *cry*). It makes you appreciate them more:
the crisp crust,
the chewy middle,
the intense and silky filling,
and the beautifully tall, bumpy ‘foot’
That foot, it’s worth the wait.
Go on, make them, try it, you won’t regret it.

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Marble Cake


So simple yet so fancy
so easy yet so perfect
so swirly.

I love marble cake, it’s the best, like a reliable friend or an old pet.Often the request of my older brother, it’s definitely a favourite. Always there for you, it never leaves you crying in a crumpled mass on the floor and never fails to impress either! It’s got to be those swirls, they’re tantalizing. Oh and it’s magic cake, the chocolate batter sinks to the bottom without mixing with the vanilla,
(Paris Hilton voice) ‘that’s hot.’

One often has to make the decision: ‘Vanilla or chocolate?’ …nah… vanilla and chocolate. No effort has to be made trying to choose between two great things, save those brain cells, this cake is the best of both worlds.

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Samoas Cupcakes


A year or so ago, I found the recipe for samoas and samoas bars on Baking Bites and subsequently added them to the already full list of bookmarked recipes. I had heard of girl scout cookies, but never new what the actual flavours were. Samoas seemed like the perfect cookie for me as I love love love coconut (and chocolate!). So finally, me an a friend decided to make the bar version. As we don’t really have soft caramels here, making them was a bit more of  trek than the original recipe. I’ve since lost the caramel recipe :( . But anyway, the bars were really good…

So this year, the same friend requested I make her birthday cake. After seeing a few recipes for samoas cupcakes online, I thought they would be perfect. I didn’t follow any specific recipe, just different ones for the different components in the recipe.

They are vanilla cupcakes filled and thinly covered with chocolate buttercream frosting, then topped with coconut caramel and drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate.

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Last year on a trip to the states, I went with my family to a café one morning with the intention of having pancakes. After waiting for 45 minutes to get in, we were all starving! I felt a bit let down when I looked at the menu, it said that you could either get a short stack (1 pancake) or a tall stack (2 pancakes). I mean who only eats ONE pancake? But alas I ordered the short stack (while putting on an american accent in order to avoid the confused look the waitress would give me if I used my usual British accent!). So the pancakes arrived. Yeah, they were huge (about 12″x6″) and like an inch thick. I think the pancake probably consumed more maple syrup than me, we had to have the jug re-filled around 3 times. But seriously I only managed to eat 3/4 of it in the end, even though by then it was about 10.30 by then.

At home, we normally use Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Mix which we always stock up on whenever we do go to America. But one morning, after finding buttermilk in the supermarket the day before (a rare find in the UK), I decided to make pancakes from scratch. I know it’s not anything particularly special, but for me it was quite a significant experience. Ever since, I’ve used this recipe whenever that pancake craving arises or that certain best friend pokes my shoulder and looks at me with sad eyes until I cave in, not that I need much persuasion…

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