(Can you) Bakewell (?) Tart


It’s autumn now, it’s time for raspberries, pears and apples, it’s the time when classrooms are cold because the heating doesn’t get turned on until November. It’s time for some autumnal baking!

Luckily the name of this tart isn’t actually anything to do with your culinary abilities (it’s just a place in England) but I often ask myself, can I actually bake well?

Sure, I can make some tasty food but what about all the baking fears. I find that I am part of the cliché which has made me think making pastry is an impossible task.

Why does it always stick to the counter? or split when I try to put it in the tin!?

Seeming as Bakewell tart has been a frequent request of my dad, I finally gave in and decided to face my pastry fears.Thank goodness this pastry recipe actually worked! (I even managed to roll it out thinly, yayy!)

Proof this tart is good:
There’s only one slice of tart left, I only made it yesterday….

Correction, no slices. There’s now no tart left.

That’s a lot of tart for 3 people.
That’s a lot of jam for 3 people… But jam is fruit, and fruit is good, ergo so is the tart. See, that’s proof.

Extreme Chocolate Cookies

Are you clumsy?

Do you trip on flat ground, walk into glass doors, cut into the side of your finger with a bread knife? …maybe it’s just me.

No matter how small the calamity, afterwards I always feel the shame, embarrassment, died-a-little-inside feeling. This can always be remedied by a baked good, something which is so spectacular, it’s amazing-ness completely blocks out that shameful moment, and brings rays of happy sunshine time into your face, because after a disaster, you know you deserve it!

Yeah and go get that thing you’ve always wanted, but put off buying,

Dear Izy,
Here’s 3.6 kgs of chocolate,
from me, to me.

So, for the extremeness of the cutting my finger situation (see the bandage?), I needed some Extreme Chocolate Cookies. Yeah I said it,  extreme chocolate, you’d better believe it.

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Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter Muffins (with DIY pb chips)

School has both upsides and down sides. You get a cold within the first week of going back, just in time for the weekend, ruining your plans. But that means, you now have time to make you some good old comfort food!

Comfort food has to be one of the best things ever when you’re ill.

For me, double chocolate muffins are it, you always know they’ll taste good no matter what and you can always seem to find somewhere that sells them. The trouble is though, those muffins they sell are huge. It’s not like I can’t finish that muffin, no way, I can and will eat that muffin in 5 minutes. But I don’t think that muffin is worth more than a meal’s GDA. So what else can I do but make the muffins myself?

175 calories each? you could eat more than 3 of these instead of one of those ones from Starbucks! You don’t even need an excuse, just make the muffins.

Mini Muffin :)

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Berry Meringue Cake

The raspberry season is upon us and we certainly do have a lot of them! Mostly, they get turned into jam straight away, but I managed to steal some this time and save them to serve with some strawberries on this cake.

The cake consists of a roll- type cake layer topped with meringue and then decorated with berries and whipped cream.

Is it not quite to your taste? Well it’s easy to customize this cake too.
You can decide whether the meringue will be crunchy or soft, you can also pipe it on for extra decoration, or spread it on for simplicity.
You can could add any flavor you want to the cake or meringue! Ground nuts, almond extract, citrus zest, cinnamon…
Top the cake with whatever you want depending on tastes, what’s in season or a colour scheme; Apples, berries, bananas, candied zest, stone fruits, spun sugar, grated chocolate, mascarpone, mousse or marshmallows, yum.


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Apricot Frangipane Tart


Yay, I have a new banner! It’s a picture of miniature food I’ve made over quite a while, yeah my hobbies seem to revolve around food… I don’t think it’s a bad thing though :) ;  It means I can make my miniatures more realistic because I know how to make them in real life, and making things in miniature helps me to think of ways to present real food, so ‘one hand washes the other’.

The other day I was thinking about things it could make both in miniature and in real life which would be relatively simple make, whilst being able to make them look similar. We also had a bunch of ripe apricots in the fridge and a few hungry people visiting the next day. What could be better than a tart?
I have to say that my favourite part of tarts is the frangipane filling, mmm I love the sweet almond flavor. It compliments the fruit so well. There’s also almond in the pastry for extra flavor, but I’m sure you could replace the ground almonds in either the pastry or the frangipane with some other ground nuts, toasted hazelnuts would be my next choice.