Pirate Cookies (DIY Oreos)

You can’t understand how long I’ve wanted to make oreos for.
I mean, yeah, I’ve tried the recipes floating around the internet, and they’re delicious, they’re just not oreos.
I’m not saying these taste exactly like oreos though, I gave up on that idea a while ago. No, I just like to think of these as a cookie in themselves.
Dark chocolate cookies with snow-white vanilla goodness smooshed in the middle.
Cookies, that can leave you looking a bit like a pirate.

But come on, everyone’s been there (and who wouldn’t want to be?) . Don’t worry, everyone you talk to is notstaring at you thinking “Man, you look pretty stupid with chocolate cookie crumbs stuck to your teeth”, nah.

They’re all just dreaming about eating cookies, looking like an awesome ship matey and sailing away from their troubles.

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Baked Cinnamon Vanilla Donuts (plus DIY donut pan)

Sometimes, a girl just needs a cinnamon covered donut.
Like now, seriously. Now.
I didn’t want to be kneading, rolling out or frying dough for hours. I wanted a cake donut, brushed with warm, melted butter, and rolled in extra special cinnamon and sugar, infused with vanilla.
That’s what I wanted. But alas, there was a problem. I don’t actually have a donut pan.
This was not going to hold me back, if you can’t beat them, join them I say. (By them I mean the people who make the donut pans). Although I can’t hammer steel into donut shapes, I do have a brain, my hands and a roll of aluminium foil. Good enough for me!

I wanted to keep this idea to myself at first. However after eating every last grain of cinnamon sugar off my hands once I had eaten a donut (or two), I was feeling more generous, so decided to share it on here.

If you have a donut pan (lucky face), then I don’t know why you’re not making donuts right now! But seriously, then you can then skip the pan making part, and get right to the recipe. If not, read on!

DIY Donut Pans 
(this looks long but takes only 15 minutes to do)

You will need:
Aluminium Foil
Paper towels / tissues / paper

First, we’re going to make a donut shape to form the mold around:

Take your paper towels/tissues/paper and roll up into a cylinder.

Wrap the foil around it tightly until you get a cylinder whos diameter is as thick as you want your donuts to be.
Curve the cylinder round into a circle (you can trim the ends to make the donut smaller so the hole in the middle of the donut is narrower).
Secure ends with tape.

Voila, your finished foil donut!

Now for the actual molds:

Cut a large sheet of foil out and fold in half.

Cut it in two so you now have two pices of folded in half foil.

Center one of these pieces on top of the foil donut you just made and carefully push it into the middle of the donut, making sure you don’t tear the foil sheet. Then tightly form the foil around the edges of the donut.

Roughly trim the edges off the mold.

Remove the foil donut from the foil around it.

Form the scraps of foil into a ball you can use to help you form the center of the next donut mold you make.

Repeat until you have enough donut molds ( I made 6 because I got bored, but this recipe needs about 12)

Oatmeal Cookie Dough Filled Macarons

It seems I have too much of an addiction to eating cookie dough lately, whenever I’m planning to make something, somehow, cookie dough becomes involved. Don’s even ask me how, but it seems to be crucial to everything now. Take wednesday for example, I was planning my practical for my food technology lesson. I knew I wanted to make macarons and was thinking of the possible flavor combinations I could use. It didn’t take long for the cookie dough filling idea to come up. I had a moment of realisation where I thought that is might not be quite suitable for my food tech project.

So I made them at home instead, happy days!

I haven’t really seen any oatmeal cookie dough recipes around, I guess it’s not as popular as chocolate chip cookie dough, how sad :( I have to say I prefer oatmeal cookie dough though, I love the cinnamon and the oaty texture, it would probably be amazing with some toasted pecans or walnuts in it too! Yum.
(p.s. I added coconut to the cookie dough, just for good measure)

Cookie Dough Cake Balls

Have you ever listened into a conversation between people who go rowing? If you have you may be familiar with this phrase: ‘…they were just about to win when one of them caught a crab and punched themselves in the face’ (!?)

You’ve heard them mention this more than a handful of times and think to yourself ‘How many crabs can there be in the Thames?…oh.’ Yes you’ve realized that things aren’t always what they seem. These rowers are not in fact master crab fishermen, and catching a crab is not literally what it sounds like (which also makes their conversations a lot less interesting to non-rowers i.e. me). Aparrently catching a crab is something to do with your oar (or ‘blade’ as rowers like to call it), getting stuck in the water or whatever.

I wasn’t really listening. I was eating cake.

I managed to turn the tables on those rowers; They’re all as oblivious to the baking world, and things like cake pops and cookie dough bites, as I am to rowing and ‘catching crabs’ or ‘ergos’. To the average, English non-baker, these look pretty much like a truffle or Belgian chocolate type thing, to those who have been to Starbucks, a cake pop.

But believe me, these are much more than that.

They have an extra layer,
a bit like the Inception equivalent of a cake pop.

Along with the chocolate and cake/frosting layer, there is a ball of cookie dough in the centre. It’s everything you could ever want in one convenient little ball (and MUCH better than catching any kind of crustacean, literally or not).