Cinnamon Jam Bran Muffins

Ha, I love saying that.

Jam Bran

It’s a pretty satisfying thing to say, as are these muffins to eat. They’re moist, light and slightly crumbly with a cakey texture. They’re topped with plenty of cinnamon and sugar and swirled through with the jam of your choice (raspberry for me, as per ushe)

They were going to actually just have raspberries in them, like the raspberry bran muffin I had at Bird Bath in New York. However after I realised that in fact the large bag in the freezer was actually full of loganberries, I was forced to use jam instead. I ended up liking my mistake, but if you want, you can replace the jam with about 1 cup of fresh fruit folded into the batter.

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Little Lemon-Pistachio-Cornmeal Cakes

lemonpistachiocornmeal-3 It’s almost Christmas!

That was fast, I didn’t even get the chance to count down the days (maybe that’s partially because I didn’t even get an advent calendar).

But anyway, to feed my lemon obsession, and after being told about this flavour combination by my brother, it was decided that these bright little cakes would be the perfect Christmas Eve dessert following an untraditional meal of Tapas.

This colour combination of bright green pistachios and the yellow cake is so refreshing, and I love love love baking things in mini loaf pans! Aww they’re so sweet!

Happy Holidays!

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Cinnamon Roll Blondie Cups

You probably already know that combining two sweet treats provides delicious results: 

Oreo truffles, cinnamon roll pancakes, ice cream sandwiches and biscotti hot chocolate sticks to name only a few

Therefore, mixing three different things together can only be better! 

Cinnamon Rolls, Blondies and Cookie Cups; it’s a magical combination.

They’re so convenient, the blondie cup will hold your scoop of ice cream perfectly! Plus you don’t have to mess around with shaping cookie dough over the back of a muffin tin. 

Sure, some people may look at them and say “why have you been making Yorkshire puddings?”.  That’s fine though, you know you’ve actually created the most delicious bowl in the whole world, something anyone with a tub of vanilla ice cream and a spoon will definitely appreciate!

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