Cinnamon Roll Baked Doughnuts

What are birthdays for? Presents, movies, inside-joke-filled birthday cards?
Yeah, all that.
But about 90% of the birthday celebration day is all about food. To the reals.

So when it was one of my best friend’s birthdays last week, I knew I had to make something special :

About 3 years ago, in the winter, me and Bea decided to go to Oxford Street for Christmas Sale Shopping. Of course, it started to snow / rain, as whenever we meet up, precipitation is guaranteed.

We got off the tube a stop early where I dragged Bea to the only Cinnabon store in London. We split a cinnamon roll while we walked towards Oxford Street.

It turns out that our navigation skills we’re..a little off..

We ended up in Leicester Square.

It was still snowing, it was still cold.

But we had the cinnamon roll, and a milkshake that Bea had bought (yeah, she crazy.)

We didn’t actually buy anything else in the end, but Bea did fully join me in my cinnamon obsession.

I made these a little reminder of that day, with their gooey, cinnamony warmth and cream cheese icing, though they also have an important advantage; they’re way quicker to make, so you get the satisfaction of eating them 10x faster than:
a) making cinnamon rolls or
b) trekking out to central London.

So if you find yourself craving cinnamon and nostalgia (everyone must have some nostalgic memory conjured up by cinnamon!), bake up a batch of these cinnamon roll baked doughnuts to enjoy and share with plenty of your cinnamon-loving friends.

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Whole Wheat Blueberry Scones

Continuing on the summery blueberry theme, I made blueberry scones! They’re like blueberry muffins, but..just..more sconey (?). Oh and guess what? They have cinnamon on top (obvs).
If the blueberries and currants aren’t enough for you, it’s a scone, you can eat it with cream and butter and jam and nutella and cinnamon…

But what is this!? You do not know how to make scones? (what!?). Oh don’t worry bebs, I made you a video. I don’t actually have a video camera, so I just took loads of photos while making it and turned it into one HUGE .GIF (and you know how much I love .gifs, and I seriously hope you do too or you’ll hate it..)

Here it is!!!

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Individual Blueberry Cakes – 5 ingredients, 30 minutes

Are you ready for your life to change?

It can happen in 30 short minutes, if you want it to…. and believe me, you do.

It will happen in the form of a flaky sugar-crisp top concealing a fluffy, jammy goldmine of blueberries and cake.

All that with only 5 ingredients…

Okay, well 5 ingredients plus water… and optional cinnamon and lemon juice, but I just count those as life essentials, not necessarily ingredients (especially the cinnamon).

Ummm, so why are you still reading this and not making these right now?

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Coffee Hazelnut Ice cream

The best things about summer holidays?
  • Singing. I’m talking full on, high pitched and squeaky; for so long that I lost my voice juuust a little (In For The Kill and Bad Day are some ‘nostalgic’ faves at the mo)
  • Wearing a billion bracelets; it doesn’t matter if they get in the way, no writing for exam papers is happening here!
  • Light not fading until late evening which is useful when you want to take photos of food
  • Time for making and drawing, I’m such a craftoholic
  • Ripping 5 years worth physics notes out the folders, ready for note burning time.
Oh yeah, and one little thing called ICE CREAM.
Coffee and hazelnut ice cream to be exact, fo reals. This combo is amaze-faces! The hazelnuts jazz up the earthy flavours of the coffee.
Pro tip! (if you like these flavours): grind toasted, skinned hazelnuts with coffee beans, then brew like normal in a cafetiere, and top with cinnamon (woah there, blog name inserted unintentionally :/ ).

In real life, there’s those 5 minutes, which seems like an eternity, that you have to wait for ice cream to get warm enough to scoop; you impatiently scrape at the edges of the ice cream container to get those delicious slivers of melty heaven. But apparently, the laws of ice cream make it so that when you want it to stay cold (e.g. for taking photos), oh no no no, the ice cream is a melted puddle as soon as you turn around.
Although shooting this was one of the most stressy times of my life, it was really fun in the end. The only other time I’ve photographed ice cream was one of my verrrryy early posts…let’s say that the photos probably aren’t really beneficial for your eyes. So it was interesting to see how much difference nearly 1 year made.
and just look at that crackle in the ice cream. Ahhh, look again. Man alive, that makes me hungry.

Luckily, I noticed the ice cream dripping away just as I was about to clear up, and managed to capture an ultra satisfying .gif of it!

mmmm melty…

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