How to make croissants (a step-by-step guide with .gifs)


Croissants are just one of those things where you will never fully appreciate one when you eat it, until you’ve put in the hours making them yourself.

They aren’t incredibly difficult but they really are a labour of love!

Once you’ve got the method of handling the dough down, you basically just need good time-keeping and patience for successful croissant dough.

I always find it SO HARD to concentrate on long recipe instructions, so normally end up ‘ad libbing’ my way through them based on instinct; but when it comes to French baked goods (macarons, puff pastry, croissants) there is just no way you can make that shiz up.

I dunno if other people feel the same way, but I decided to make you all another .gif guide, so that if like me, you too hate to read super long recipes, at least you have some moving pictures to guide you along.

And it’s worth it, look, they are SO PRETTY 😀


That’s why I’ve made an extra post here, where you can see more photos (yeah, I literally just put a post up containing only croissant photos because I am a cray face)

Yup im going to write it again, real big incase you’re skim reading this:




Ugh, I hope you enjoy this.

p.s. Also, by some super strange coinky dink, my friend Erica has also done a croissant tutorial (her’s seems easier than my method tbh) I think we must have a psychic food connection haha :)

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Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls


Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls via @topwithcinnamon

It’s almost Christmaaaas! I’ve been crafting and wrapping away for a few days now, trying to ignore the fact that as soon as Christmas is over, Ima have to spend hours writing Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Statistics notes.

and then revise from them.

Ugh. School, why you make me do so many exams every year!?

Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls via @topwithcinnamon

In a holidayish mood, I had a mini gingerbread making party with mah friendies –

Why mini gingerbread houses you ask?

Well first look at this mess that was made only from decorating the houses, and then also tell me how to co-ordinate 11 people cutting gingerbread into specific shapes on a counter large enough for 4 people.

Yeah, that’s stress right there.

Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls via @topwithcinnamon

But when you give them all pasta bake, and some bread rolls it calms them down  (until they start eating cake and re-discover the edible-silver-glitter spray that is).

Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls via @topwithcinnamon

That glitter sticks to everything,

My camera has become bedazzled – I’m SO GLAD I had put the lens cap back on :/ but now whenever I pick it up, I get re-infected by the glitter :( and then glitter ends up on my face…

At least it makes me feel even more festive while watching ALL of the Christmas episodes of Friends :’)  (Friends is literally my favourite show. If you EVER want to impress me, slip a Friends quote into a conversation with me; we’ll be instant besties)

Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls via @topwithcinnamon

Have an awesome holiday / rest of 2012,

Enjoy the .gif  😉



Whole Wheat Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Rolls via @topwithcinnamon

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DIY Geneva Cookies – Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

 First of all – just want to acknowledge the fact that I constantly kept referring to these as ‘Genovia’ Cookies (when typing and thinking about them – I’ve managed not to actually say it yet).


As in “I-am-the-Princess-of-Genovia”-Genovia.

The made up land in the Princess Diaries.

Even now, when I think of the name without looking at the title of the post, I’m like “Okay, it’s not ‘Genovia’, what is it? Is it ‘Genova’? No that sounds wrong..” and I literally can’t remember that it’s ‘Geneva’ for a good 5 minutes.

DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

These cookies must be messing with my mind – probably because they are SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS.

I can’t stop eating them.

Yesterday there were 50 cookies.

Today: 32.

and I don’t even know how it happened.

DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut


In the UK, you can’t find Pepperidge Farm Cookies – I know, it’s not like they’re the best cookies ever, but as far as packaged cookies go, Pepperidge Farm’s are pretty damn fine.

You can occasionally find a package of white chocolate chip ones in Whole Foods for like £3.50 (Errrm, no. Whole Foods – I love you, but I’m not going to pay that much for cookies), but it’s not like there are even any alternative British cookies that are remotely similar to things like Geneva cookies :(

So what do you do when you can’t buy them?

Give up and be thankful that you’re not going to have another package of cookies taunting you in the cupboard?

HAH. no!

Ima make them :)


DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut


It did occur to me that there could be a package of these cookies in one of the two huge boxes of goodies (this is one of them) that my awesome, amazing, super generous blogging friend Erica sent me for Christmas (OMG I’m so excited to open them, you cannot BELIEVE), but I knew I would have to wait for them, and I had some candy canes just begging to be crushed up.

So I made the cookies.

and then, I topped them with different things:

– chopped pecans (the classic)

– toasted, dessicated coconut

– and crushed candy canes with a drizzle of white chocolate…


DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut


Oh lordy,

I’m so incredibly glad I made them.

They are insanely good.

Even if you live in America with access to Geneva cookies, or have a package of Geneva cookies in your cupboard, you NEED to make these. They are 100 million times better:

– the cookie is buttery, crispy, light and crunchy. A bit like the Brussels Cookie in fact

– the chocolate (I used a mix of semi-sweet and 70%) was so much more chocolatey and smooth

– the toppings were fresh and mega flavourful


DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut


When you taste them, and realise how ridiculously good they are, you will laugh –


– at how you used to think that the packaged version was tasty.


DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut


Home made pretty much always wins.



DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

DIY Geneva Cookies - Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

I devoured that hot chocolate – including ALL those mini marshmallows – just FYI.

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How to Temper Chocolate – the easy way


I saw this method of tempering chocolate on the food network, from Alton Brown – that man is pure genius – and wanted to try it out

Whenever I want to coat things/ dip things into chocolate (more than just a drizzle), then I’m always faced with the idea of having to temper the chocolate.

Normally, I wouldn’t really care if there was a little bloom on the chocolate, but when you’re a food blogger, you feel the pressures: you can’t have grainy, bloomed chocolate all over those cookie right!? Does anybody else feel judged for having un-tempered chocolate? nope? just me? Alrighty then.

Anywho, I tried this method out for an upcoming recipe, and thought I’d create a step by step guide with pictures (no .gifs this time – seeing a food processor blending through the tiny chute in the lid isn’t the most informative thing , as I discovered while making this post…). It worked quite well – it wasn’t as annoying as having to heat chocolate to different temperatures and cool it and keep checking the temperature and crying in the corner when you find all your effort was wasted; and it worked pretty well –

I had a butter knife with some of the tempered chocolate on it, sitting on the counter and my friend wanted to  – what else – eat the chocolate off the knife. She picked it up and when she tried to lick the chocolate (which she thought was still melted because it was SO DANG SHINY), I just heard her say:

“Woah, mindfuck, it looks like it’s still melted, but it seriously isn’t”

Yup, that’s how I judge how well this worked. Such is my life.

Update: I’ve posted the recipe where I used this method of tempering the chocolate  – it’s so shiny! :O

Creds to Alton Brown for this method – (I tweaked it a little)

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100 Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

So you know when it’s Christmas?

And you’re getting all excited about christmas?

You are so going christmas shopping, you make christmassy things, you get to wrap up presents….

and then there’s the christmas food. Amirite?


Like seriously, SERIOUSLY, the food. I’m not even talking about actual legitimate Christmas food (mince pies, gingerbread, candy canes, advent calendar chocolates), but just ALL FOOD.

For some reason, when it’s around Christmas time (who am I kidding) as soon as the calendar flips to December 1st, somehow, all food becomes okay to eat in copious amounts because “it’s Christmas”….

“Do I want a brownie? Well, I’ve already eaten my advent calendar chocolate, and a chocolate chip cookie today, but hey, IT’S CHRISTMAS. Get in mah belly Mr brownie.”

Okay I don’t actually know if anyone else experiences this random Christmas eating excuse, but I certainly do.

I also use it as a baking excuse, to just constantly replenish the ‘diminished’ cookie supply…..

Now we all know how hard it is to say no to free baked goods, or just not bake before the ‘big day’ (Crimbo itself) when you know you’ll be eating loads of awesome food ALL DAY.

and what’s easier than saying no? saying yes.

Saying yes to a delicious, moist chocolate cupcake, because hey it’s Christmas-ish, and it’s only 100 calories so you might as well!

I literally took me about 5 trials to come out with a geniunely good chocolate cupcake in the end;

I didn’t want to make them ‘fat free’ because when you do that, you normally end up with some kind of strange texture situation, so I’ve left in 2 tbsp of delicious, healthy coconut oil (my and my mum are completely obsessed with coconut oil atm).

I also found that I had to squeeze as much water as possible out of the grated carrot (added for bulk, moisture, fibre, vitamins and sweetness!) to make the cupcakes work  – so don’t skip that step!

Ima be studying my butt off for the next month for mock exams in January, so I might be missing a post out on one or two occasions, just in case you wanted to know for future reference  :/

I hope everyone has an awesome run up to the holidays!

oh, p.s. If you’re interested, I have a new pinterest board for my fave music (it’s similar to the music in my videos) that you can check out here 😉

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The Best Crispy Oven Fries (with Sriracha, Garlic and Thyme)

“Qu’est-ce que c’est Izy?

A savoury recipe?

but.. but… where’s the caramel, chocolate, coconut and the coffee?”

Today, my friendies, I’m bringing you a savoury recipe. Yup, real food (ish).

One of my best friends recently said to me “How are you not incredibly fat? When I imagine you, I just picture you sitting at home eating cake”.

Whilst being mildly offended, I realised that most people reading my blog, even semi-frequently, might think all I do is eat cake all day long too. However, this really isn’t the case; I pretty much only make/eat baked goods on the weekend, then give most of the leftovers away at school.

My parents are awesome cooks and we eat home cooked meals basically 95% of the time – so, I can actually cook! Like real, proper food without copious amounts of sugar or cinnamon in them. Granted,  I can’t cook as well as I bake, and I certainly would not be able to handle such tasks as roasting joints of meat properly (unless you count making pulled pork…omg, I love that stuff).

One thing is consistent though: my favourite foods (savoury and sweet) are (mostly) baked ones. Once a baker, always a baker.

I could LIVE on oven roasted tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower and butternut squash.

Instead of going full force into throwing savoury recipes at you here and there, I thought I would ease into the process, and start off with a pretty awesome baked recipe.

I wanted something savoury, completely delicious without argument and something that would be easy to photograph (I find the idea of styling and photographing savoury foods quite daunting!) Anywho..

Behold the crispiest oven fries in the land, and they’re not ultra greasy!

In fact, they’re so un-greasy, I can re-use that white piece of papery stuff I wrapped around them for the photos.
In the end, I had an awesome time styling these shots – I adore being able to use savoury ingredients in the shots: espesh the fresh thyme and pink Himalayan salt!

And look at my new olive wood bowl, he’s so cute! Gahhh, it was love at first sight hah.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting many a sweet recipe as per ushe, along with a few savoury things I think are worth blogging about .

Oh and I still have .gifs. Yeah… they’re never going, they’re too much fun 😉

These oven fries are crispy on the outside, fluffy inside, spicy, garlic-y and just all around magnificent, without all the hassle and mess of frying! How could you even go wrong with potatoes, sriracha and garlic?

Yay for food!


P.S This post is dedicated to Bea (I hope you don’t still think I eat cake all day) and Katherine (thanks for all your lovely words of encouragement!)

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