2 ingredient Healthy Pancakes (Gluten, grain + Diary-Free; no added sugar)

2 ingredient Healthy Pancakes (gluten free)


You know when all the stress in the world just builds up and jumps up on you?

You’re not even sure why or what it is exactly that’s causing you to teeter precariously on the edge of a breakdown.

And you sit there with your mind racing; Your heart racing; trying to figure out what to do next.

2 ingredient Healthy Pancakes (gluten free)

You could scream,

You could cry,

You could smash things.

2 ingredient Healthy Pancakes (gluten free)-1


You could make pancakes….



…you should make pancakes.


(p.s. I have to say that that is the MOST RIDICULOUSLY, HEART-MELTINGLY AWESOME .gif I’ve EVER MADE)


– the basis of the pancake is extremely simple, just roughly 1 egg per 3 or 4 tbsp of mashed banana, but I like to add a few things to it to make it more awesome:

– I really recommend adding the baking powder; it makes them fluffier, but if you enjoy a denser pancake leave it out

– I’ve made them with 2 tbsp peanut flour (aka pb2) and they’re SO AMAZING, and even more filling – even if you don’t like peanut butter, you cant actually taste it that much.

– Add flavour extract, spices and things like chopped nuts, chocolate chips fruit etc… for a personalised flavour

-Yep, that whole stack of pancakes was the whole recipe (using a slightly heaped 1/3 cup of mashed banana)

-You can use frozen bananas for this, just let them defrost and then peel and use as per usual in the recipe.

-To make a smoother batter, blend the ingredients in a food processor, blender or with a stick blender

– the recipe is adapted from various places around the internet (just google ‘2 ingredient pancakes’.. you’ll see how many people have made them!) Update!: I think I’ve found the source of the recipe, Blogilates!

2 ingredient Healthy Pancakes (gluten, grain and dairy free, no added sugar)
Basic Batter:
1 large banana, mashed (should be around 1/3 to 1/2 cup when mashed)
2 eggs
optional add ins:
1/8 tsp baking powder (see notes)
2 tbsp nut butter, pb2/peanut flour, almond flour or dessicated coconut (see notes)
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 cup blueberries/ raspberries/ chopped nuts
2 tbsp mini chocolate chips

Peel and mash the banana, stir in the egg. Mix in any non-chunky add ins that you want (e.g. nut flours or butters, baking powder...).

Heat a non stick skillet and lightly spray with oil. Tun the heat down to medium-low.

Pour a circle of batter into the pan (I used about 1 or 2 tbsp of batter per pancake).

Cook until golden brown on the underside (around 1 minute) sprinkle on any chunky ingredients (e.g. chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, if using), then use a metal spatula to flip and cook until golden brown on the other side (30 seconds to 1 minute).

Serve warm with whatever the heck you want



      • Sarah says

        er, apart from the five or so other ingredients to make it taste nice? Pancakes only need three ingredients anyway don’t they: flour, eggs, water … :)

        • Tanya says

          They actually do taste delish without any of the additives… but I do put in the baking soda and cinnamon and vanilla. Then the cinnamon and vanilla are good in the ‘bready’ variety of pancakes too!

  1. says

    I’ve been dying to want to try these out, but somehow I haven’t managed… even though the whole Internet (and especially all the health/fitness/healthy food blogs I read) is all about banana pancakes! After seeing your amazing pictures and the “motion picture”, now I have no choice but to go to the food store and buy some bananas. I already have some eggs. And why not to throw in some dark chocolate as well. A little dark chocolate in a pancake has never hurted anyone, right?

    • says

      Me too! I had been waiting for the right opportunity, and just had a spontaneous photo shoot with them this morning (which is why the whole set up is really plain).
      Yes! Dark chocolate sounds like a divine idea :)

  2. says

    omg, look at those sexy syrupy pancakes! And I had no idea you could make pancakes with just banana and eggs — that is awesome. (It will make me feel extra OK with crumbling bacon all over them and covering everything with syrup!)

    • says

      Thanks!! You should’ve heard Sarah this morning on the phone when she was making them “do you peel the banana first before mashing it?” :’)

      • Alice says

        oh my. sometimes, that girl. just wow. I’m definitely making these after my exams are over. So quick and sooo nommmyy x

  3. says

    Hi, these look unreal! Beautiful pictures, wow.

    With the PB2 optional add in, do you mix the pb2 powder with the recommended amount of water before you add or just add in the powder to the banana/egg mixture?


  4. says

    I have seen these everywhere recently! Your photo defiantly takes the cake :-)
    Also super in love with your animated Gif!

    Can’t wait to try these 😀

  5. Grace says

    I was really craving pancakes this morning so i was very happy to find your recipe for a healthier version of it. Thanks for all the tips and notes, they were better than regular pancakes; fluffy and tasty.

  6. says

    Omg NONE of the 2-ingredient pancake recipes I’ve seen so far have photos as completely appetizing as these. Nice one!Thanks for the tip about the baking powder! And fabulous gif :)

  7. says

    I’m so glad I happened upon this recipe today- my son and I tried it out this AM and we were surprised how delicious it was! My kiddo (11) has his own food blog- RecipeBoy.com, so he’ll be sharing his version of this on his site w/ a link to you for inspiration. Thank you!

  8. says

    Hi Izy! Your blog is INCREDIBLE. I found my way here from Cannella Vita and I’m so glad I did. I actually saw this recipe from Blogilates (awesome pilates site, perfect brownie burning cardio) and some people said the recipe didn’t work for them. Your pictures are proof! They look delectable and I can’t wait to try this recipe (with baking powder, cinnamon, blueberries) out! xo, nicole

  9. says

    Should’ve seen this before I smashed the $5000 HD TV to bits…just kidding! (I can’t afford an HD TV. #poorcollegestudents) These pancakes, though, I can definitely afford. Good thing I just bought Trader Joe’s syrup!

  10. says

    First of all….wow, I love your blog! Your photos are very impressive. I also can’t believe these pancakes only have 2 ingredients in!! I have a banana in the freezer that I was intending to make banana bread with, but I may just try out these pancakes instead…!

  11. says

    The sheer incredibility of pancakes with only 2 ingredients drew me in. And your beautiful photos/gif won me….I am definitely trying this recipe (took a survey with my kids/husband: if you were to make pancakes with only 2 ingredients, what would they be? Everyone was way off). I’m going to try it with the coconut, since I love the banana/coconut flavor combo (sad though…that will make it a 3 ingredient pancake recipe). Thanks for sharing! Lynaea @ EverydayBloom.com

    • says

      Thanks! It’s around 225 kcal for the whole recipe (using 1/2 cup of mashed banana with 2 eggs – no extras) – but believe me, it makes a lot of batter and is really filling!

  12. says

    Oh girl, that gif is yummy. I love the ol’ one ingredient banana ice cream (although I add coconut milk to mine), but I wonder if this recipe would work in a waffle iron too? It looks just like a pancake, but what’s the consistency like? Is it wet inside?

    • says

      I was just thinking the exact same thing! However, I have literally no experience with waffles (no waffle iron…cry) so I don’t know if it would work; the batter is quite runny, so if you did, I’d suggest adding the 2 tbsp of dry ingredients to the batter, I’d also say spray the waffle iron with oil well, because I could see this sticking pretty bad…

  13. says


    I’m not a frequent poster on blogs but ho shii your blog is super fantastic!! I love the gif images, the word I want to use for them is gooey. I love it and by extension you. I’m looking forward to staying up very late tonight despite having work tomorrow to thoroughly stalk every post here.


  14. Eugenia says

    I tried this tonight and they were very soggy. Folded when I tried to flip them over. I ended up adding two tsp of buckwheat flour to give them a bit of strength. Then I topped with shredded coconut, choc chips and blueberries! :)

    • says

      haha they really do like to fold in half if you make them too big – I find it easier to flip them when they’re made with only 1-2 tbsp of batter, and make mini pancakes, they should turn out less soggy that way too :) I LOVE putting shredded coconut on top of them, so goooood!

  15. liz lichenstein says

    This is a fantastic low oxalate breakfast. I see so many possibilities for this for other meals as well – THANK YOU so much for posting this!!!!

  16. says

    Just went gluten free a little less than a month ago for health reasons, and have been looking around for creative new pancake recipes. So far I’ve tried coconut flour ones, but will play around with these over the upcoming weekend! Cinnamon will definitely go in the batter… and the pancakes will probably be topped with butter and honey

  17. Shannon C says

    Spotted this post a couple of days ago and just made and devoured it. They’re not really anything like regular pancakes in terms of flavor or mouthfeel but they’re so satisfying and delicious. I ate it with a couple slices of turkey bacon and a little jam on top. Wonderful!

  18. says

    These are genious! I just made them using 1/2 mashed banana, the egg, baking soda, cinnamon, and a 1/2 T of sorghum flour to give them a little structure. Turned out great.

  19. michelle says

    We tried these this morning and they were an epic fail. Weird and wet and they tasted more like a banana omelette than a pancake. Even after several tbsp of tapioca and potato flours to try and save them they were still rated only a C on our pancake scale – edible but just barely. I love the idea of them but could not get them to work. If anyone has ways they modified them to make them work I would love the feedback!

  20. Nik says

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I found out a few days ago that I have to stop eating gluten and breakfast seemed like it would be the biggest challenge (I hate just plain eggs and oatmeal). I tried finding recipes but everything seems overly complicated and/or not filling and ALL of it seemed too time consuming. But these pancakes are great! Super easy and quick to make. To me, they kinda taste like breadless french toast. (Which is awesome.) Thanks for boosting my confidence that I can survive this gluten free diet! :)

  21. meredith says

    First let me say that I am a pancake snob, Pancakes are my favorite food and I’d rather not eat than eat a not PERFECT pancake. I was skeptical since there isn’t any flour but since I am trying to lower my carb intake but missed my pancakes I hought I would give it ago.OMG these are amazing and no syrup needed. I added cinnamon, vanilla, and a little cocoa powder. I also cut the egg down to 1 and used some egg whites. I know this kills the whole 2 ingredient idea but its still low “bad carb” clean food. My husband who hates bananas and pancakes liked them. This has totally opened my mind. I am going to try to make a small cake next weekend with this base and maybe a little almond flour.

    Thank you Thank you thank you!

  22. Clair says

    I tried this recipe and ended up making banana scrambled eggs. Not sure what I did wrong… Any tips?

  23. Suzanne says

    Really impressed with how the pancakes turned out! I was a bit leary at first, but they are great! Mine turned out to taste slightly dry though…. any ideas? I might try to add a little almond milk next time….

  24. c says

    Wondered if these would work with chia eggs? I don’t eat eggs, currently. Wondered if you are anyone tried that. I may have to experiment. Thank you for the lovely idea. I have come across flourless ones before but always with egg. Seeing the simplicity of it here I will experiment :).

    • Katie H. says

      I was wondering the same thing. We do grain free, and egg free… So I was also looking to experiment. I would love to hear if you find something that works!

  25. says

    On a scale of 1 to 10, there are a 100! An absolutely perfect recipe! Not only are these extraordinarily delicious (I added the baking powder, 2 T of almond flour, a pinch of coconut, and about 1/3 cup of blueberries), but they are so incredibly easy to make. They require nothing on top of them. I have added these to my permanent recipe list. Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. mmsg says

    For those who got “banana omelet” instead of pancakes, did u mash the bananas thoroughly, or, better yet, use a food processor/blender?

  27. Katie H. says

    Has anyone successfully tried an egg substitute for these? I know you can use flax, corn starch, applesauce etc in original pancakes, but is there something you could use in the place of the egg in a recipe like this? I need grain free and egg free. Maybe grinding nuts or something? Thanks!

    • C says

      Hi Katie,

      I haven’t tried substituting with this recipe yet. However I use chia eggs in baking (either while or ground depending on what I am making). It is the same as flax, 1tbsp to 3 tbsp water. Perhaps mixing turbine mixture with the banana would work. I havent done it yet but thought id share the idea with you in case you want to try it.


  28. Ruby Scarlett says

    I rarely comment but OH MY GOD. I just made this for dinner. I had zero expectations (no offense but it’s just that so far all healthy pancakes I’ve seen include protein powder and I haven’t found any I like so I don’t have any). I added all the extras as I was so happy to have all the ingredients at home for once (I don’t live in the US so I don’t always have all the ingredients available to me) and they turned out AMAZING. I swear, from the noises I made my boyfriend thought I was doing something else in the kitchen if you catch my drift.
    I cannot thank you enough. This was totally spur of the moment ‘I want breakfast for dinner, I just worked out, give me something’ but BOY did it DELIVER. So incredibly good. I’m treasuring this recipe.

  29. says

    I just made these pancakes, and mine turned out more like cow chips than pancakes. I used the baking soda, 2 eggs, and 1 banana (and some sugar-free cocoa powder and coconut). Perhaps I needed to add more banana? Any ideas? Thanks!

  30. Kayla says

    I was very hesitent at first. And when I made the batter I was even more hesitent because it wasn’t thick. But when I finally ate them OH LORD HAVE MERCY! These are so freakin delicious! I couldn’t move for a minute! Thank you for the recepe! Also is you instagram name the same as your blog name?

  31. Joshua says

    I was skeptical at first, like, A LOT. I decided to try it anyway due to the low amount of ingredients, and woah. Best mini pancake i’ve ever tasted. I don’t even want to add a topping, but I did, peanutbutter. EVEN BETTER. I added 3 TBSP of flour and 1/4 baking powder to make it not soggy at all

  32. Monkey says

    I used a food processor and a pinch of baking powder. These were INSANELY hard to flip, I had to make them no bigger tan a tablespoon size, and still I had to lift them very carefully wiggling the spatula. Otherwise they ended up teared or in the best case wrinkled.
    The taste was okay, very sweet, as someone said earlier – they tasted like banana omelet, a rather odd combination for me. And yes, texture was very delicate, but more like soggy and easy to tear than fluffy.
    They may be healthy and overall they aren’t too bad taste-wise, but I won’t be making them again – too much hassle and I’m not even gf.

  33. Hannah says

    I made these with 1 and a half bananas, 2 eggs and 1/8 baking powder. My pancakes came out so liquid-y. I would go to flip them and all the liquid at the top would just overflow and fall right out. What did I do wrong?

  34. Leopard Girl says

    I am no vacation right now with very minimal ingredients so this seemed an appropriate use for the half banana and egg that remained in my fridge. I made the basic recipe with no adjustments other than adding a pinch of salt. The batter was quite runny but I went with it. On my second pancake I added about a teaspoon of peanut butter which made it a smidge bit thicker but not much . The end result was some kind of weird but good sweet little pancake bights, yum!
    Thanks for the recipe, would be great on school mornings!

  35. Ashley says

    Honestly… So good!!!! I was a bit dubious when I saw the basic ingredient list, they taste exactly like pancakes just with a slight banana taste, soooo good!!!! Thanks

  36. Ann says

    1st time I made in waffle maker. What a mess.! Second time made like silver dollar pancakes. These are so delicious, no need for syrup. Very light and delicate. Use medium heat or they will burn easily, and carefully turn the pancakes, they are very soft and fragile. I added 1/8 tsp. baking soda, 1/8 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 tsp. cinnamon to my batter

  37. Dana says

    Thanks for the recipe. I agree that these tasted a lot like french toast (which happens to be my favorite breakfast food!) since I added cinnamon and vanilla. But my results were nothing like the photograph. I did add the baking powder, but yet they were still pretty flat. Does the version in the photograph include any other ingredients that would have made them fluffier? Oh, and my 16 month old daughter gobbled these up!!!

    • says

      in the ones in the photos I think I had put 1 tbsp of peanut flour (PB2) into the batter which makes them a little thicker

  38. Samantha says

    Just made these and they tasted good, but texture was not fluffy. This was super simple as I just dumped frozen bananas, eggs, baking powder, and 2 tbs of PB2 into a bowl and mashed everything with a cocktail muddler. Didn’t get much of the peanut flavor, but loved the banana flavor. Thanks for the recipe.

  39. says

    Aaaah! I’ve been making banana pancakes for about a year but I never thought to add in the baking powder. Or the peanut butter. These were so great, thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu 😀 xx

  40. jen says

    I have struck out three times! What am I doing wrong…I cannot flip if golden brown and I can flip if burnt! YIKES!
    Temperature? Suggestions please.

    • mky says

      They ARE very fragile. You may want to add a pinch of flour to make them more ‘sturdy’. For me they worked out when no larger than 2,75 in (7cm) in diameter.

  41. ann says

    I tried these this morning! Yes the flavor was good but the texture not so much.My pancakes looked nothing like yours mine puffed up wonderful while cooking as soon as I put them on my plate they went extremely FLAT :( Any idea what could have went wrong?

  42. Angie says

    Been hearing about the banana+egg pancakes on fitness social media but was SUPER skeptical that they would taste anything like a pancake. Made these just now with all your suggested add-ins (used coconut flour instead of PB2 because I have it lying around) and it turned out wonderful! I think the cinnamon & the baking powder additions really give it that pancake fluffiness/texture and smell! And because it was healthy, I smeared some butter & syrup on for good measure haha.

  43. Rebecca says

    My pancakes were a hot mess !! How did you get them to come out so perfectly? They were delicious, but not picture worthy.

  44. says

    These were…odd. Like previous posters, my batter was extremely runny and all I got was a flimsy weird banana-omelet thing. My toddler ate them but what does he know. I think I’ll stick to regular pancake recipes.

  45. Patcha says

    I made these but trying to flip them was a complete nightmare. The pancakes were SO soft (too soft), when trying to place the spatula underneath the pancake, the pancake would just squish up together, or lose its whole shape.. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really measure out the bananas, I estimated 1/4 cup of frozen bananas, but measured the desiccated coconut, frozen blueberries, baking powder and chopped walnuts. Any idea what went wrong here?

  46. Jenna says

    I tried them. They tasted exactly like the ingredients…a banana omelet. Some may like it, but mine weren’t very tasty.

  47. Cindy says

    Stumbled upon your recipe but have a question, with a severe banana allergy what option would be the best replacement for that? Thanks.

  48. Ellen says

    Just made these and they were really incredible! I agree with your comment about the baking soda. I added cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla protein powder for a higher-protein snack. Thank you, I will absolutely be making these fluffy treats again!

  49. Melanie says

    Hi – love your blog! Found it last night, cooked these this morning for New Years Day treat for my family and they were incredible. Thank you for simple, fun instructions and exceptional photography (and gifs). I am having a great time exploring your blog. :)

  50. Angie says

    I wonder if this recipe can be used for waffles? Have you tried waffles or suggest a batter that would work for waffles that is grain free?

  51. Rochel says

    I made them this morning, the kids ate them as I removed them from the pan! I used 1 egg, 3/4 of a banana, a little baking soda, and cinnamon. I added little chunks of banana to the pancakes in the pan and it made them sweeter! I also used a fork to flip them and it helped make the flipping easier.
    Thank you so much!


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