Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

Guess who’s back?

Back again

Izy’s back


Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

Yeah, sorry for that. There are so many ways I can get waffles into rhymes (especially lyrics) and puns and now that I have a waffle iron I am unleashing them unto the world.

I’ve been pretty much wrapped in a duvet, playing the sims freeplay (stupid addictive apps.) for the past week with some kind of intermittent flu thing. It hasn’t been great becuase eating food was not on the agenda but now I’m making up for it in

WAF-FULLS (get it? like bowl fulls, but the cos of all the waf- ok nevermind)

Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

The only waffles I’ve ever really had at home were those toaster waffles which I’d eat warm with hella powdered sugar. I kind of prefer eating waffles like that, dolloped with yogurt and fresh fruit than how I eat my pancakes (i.e. with maple syrup for daaayyys).

Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

These banana bread waffles are probably a tad better for you than the aforementioned toaster ones – I made them using spelt flour and oat flour (of course I did, it’s me.) as well as throwing in a bit of ground flaxseed. The mashed banana in the batter meant that I didn’t have to use a bunch of oil in them and they still turned out crisp on the outside with a fluffy center.

Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

Then I doubled the waffley goodness by gliding a buttery knife over the hot waffles – just enough to moisten them a little so that the cinnamon-sugar I then sprinkled on would stick.

I basically ended up with a banana bread doughnut waffle. Insane. (plus I served them with some chopped walnuts)

It’s like a New Years compromise – whole grains, low sugar, low fat waffles, BUT then you get to put cinnamon-sugar on them and make em taste like doughnuts.

Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

p.s. they’re mega easy to make – you just need a jug and a fork. A time will come when I’ll be whisking egg whites to fold into waffle batter, but today was not the day.

Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)


Whole Grain Banana Bread Waffles (with cinnamon-sugar)

Yield: 5 or 6 waffles (2 or 3 servings)

Serving Size: 2 waffles

1/2 cup (60 g) spelt flour (you can sub whole wheat flour if preferred)
1/3 cup (30 g) oat flour (made by blending oats in a food processor)
2 tsp ground flaxseed (this is optional)
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 ripe banana, peeled and mashed
1 egg
1/2 cup (125 ml) milk
1 tsp vegetable oil
For the cinnamon-sugar
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp superfine (caster) sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Stir together the first 6 ingredients in a large jug. Add in the vanilla, banana, oil, milk and egg and stir together with a fork until smooth. Leave it to sit whilst you heat up your waffle iron.

Scoop the batter into the waffle iron - about 1/3 cup - and cook according to the waffle iron's instructions until golden brown.

Stir together the 1 tsp of ground cinnamon into the superfine sugar. Use a knife to lightly swipe the waffles, hot from the waffle maker, with butter then sprinkle with the cinnamon-sugar.



  1. Malin says

    Yaaaay, for no dairy!!! (The milk is super easy to replace with dairy-free options). I wonder what difference it makes to put oil vs melted butter in the batter?

    • says

      Awesome :) I think that the difference would be negligible with such a small amount going into the batter – if you were putting more oil/butter into it, I guess the butter would give more flavour and the oil would give a crispier waffle.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I cannot tell you enough how crazy delicious those look. The photos as always are so beautiful, but the waffles are begging to be inside my mouth!!!

  3. says

    YUMMO!!! I got my waffle iron this year too (one of those round belgium ones); I have been using to my hearts content. While I never ever get over the frozen waffles; I sure could use this waffle recipe when I am feeling a bit more healthy.
    Simple and stunning and I love the little star bowl!

    • says

      I think I’m going to have to buy a belgian waffle maker too, haha! I love how they have deeper grids so are crispier :)

      Thanks Belinda!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness these look delicious! I love all the whole grains you’ve included in the recipe:) I haven’t got a waffle maker, do you think you could cook the batter the same way as pancakes?

    • says

      Deffo, it’s not even a choice. Thanks Ashley :) and omg yes, I think next time I make banana bread, I’ll be sprinkling cinnamon-sugar all over it…

  5. says

    We just bought a waffle iron and I’m obsessed. If I didn’t have to to stupid things like go to work, I would happily eat waffles for every single meal. Love these, my idea of a perfectly balanced plate.

    • says

      ahhh HIGH FIVE. I couldn’t find waffle irons in the shops anywhere in London, apart from the cuisinart one in John Lewis, but got this beauty at Lidl!! I can’t wait to see the waffle recipes you make (you are going to blog them, right??). haha I know, I made them today for lunch because it’s my last day of holiday and I know I won’t get a chance to make waffles again for a while now. Thanks Kathryn :)

  6. says

    I do not own a waffle iron (yet!) but I’m totes going to borrow my mom’s waffle iron so that I can make these. I’m kind of having a flash back to when I was little and ate cinnamon-sugar toast for breakfast every morning. Delicious. Cinnamon-sugar everything for life!

  7. says

    Spelt and oat flour are perfect together in waffles and a healthier doughnut-breakfast waffle is an awesome idea :) Cinnamon sugar is like the greatest thing everrrr so I’m so glad Izy’s back back again!!

  8. says

    Izy these waffles look and sound delicious. Love love love waffles (so much better at catching puddles of melted butter, maple syrup, honey, jam, etc. than pancakes) and dearly miss having them (currently living in a waffle iron free kitchen – although Jamie Oliver introduced me to a shortcut for those without waffle irons – using non-stick griddle pans instead, not the same, but maybe close enough for now). Also, your photos! Dang, so stunning!

    • says

      I am having to equally distribute my love between pancakes and waffles :/ I’ve heard of Jamie’s method before, but I don’t have a grill pan so have never had the opportunity to try it out!
      Thanks Sophia!

  9. says

    Glad you’re feeling better, or at least well enough to make banana bread-y/doughnut-y waffles. So many good things going on in one breakfast. Your waffle iron makes the prettiest shaped waffles I’ve ever seen! xo

  10. Angela says

    Loved the waffles. I used toasted walnut oil cause I’m addicted to the flavor. Might I ask about your lovely waffle iron? It looks like it might be an old family heirloom, but I’m hoping it isn’t and you’ll tell I can find it somewhere.

  11. Angela says

    Ok so I read through the comments carefully and see the iron is from Lidl. But sadly the don’t sell in the usa. But thanks for the recipe and hoping you are feeling better.

  12. Crys B says

    Izy, you’re a genius. I just made these on this cold, snowy Pennsylvania morning, so easy and I had all ingredients on hand! These waffles were MAGNIFICENT! A huge hit in this household that just made its way into the breakfast rotation! Thank you for the great recipe!

  13. says

    I got a waffle maker for Christmas and have been making waffles every weekend since. We made these last weekend with stone ground WW flour in place of the oat, almond milk for the milk, and grapeseed oil in place of the vegetable oil, and they are so so good! By far my faaaaavorite waffle recipe yet! Thanks so much!

  14. Anna-Lena says

    Hey Lizzy,

    made those waffles today to break in my new Belgian waffle iron and they were pretty awesome!
    Added some oats and chopped walnuts to the batter and served them with yoghurt, mixed with halved grapes and some more chopped walnuts. Yumm! Thanks for the recipe.


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