Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + GF}

 Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

Sooo two coconut posts in a row… I hope you’re on-board this coconut-obsessed train because I am 100% there and will pull you along with me.

I always feel like I’m in the minority by liking coconut – bountys are ALWAYS the chocolates that are leftover from a box of Celebrations. I mean, I’m not upset about that fact because I could eat my weight in them given the chance. But I think it’s a ‘marmite situation’ where you either hate coconut or you really really like it.

 Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

I am one of those coconut-crazy people.

Which is why when I got the chance to read through Emily’s new book (!!) Rawsome Vegan Baking, that I KNEW that I would be making these raw vegan coconut treats asap.

Come on, a healthy version of candy that I can actually convince myself is good for me. No weird additives or anything.

That means it’s okay when I eat 4 in one go right? Its nourishing my body, guys. Nourishing candy. Enough said.

Alright I’ve convinced myself, I’m eating 6, whatever.

 Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

Lucky for you lovely readers, I’ve been generously given the opportunity to host a giveaway!! That means you can win a copy of Rawsome Vegan Baking alll for yourself. It’s an amazing book full of wholesome, simple recipes that are to-die-for (how good does raw Maple Pecan Pie sound??! What about raw Oreos or Tahini-Coffee Cream Cups?).

Side note: That reminds me, I recently realised that I haven’t eaten an oreo in like 6 months. How INSANE is that? (Let’s ignore the fact that I ate cookies & cream gelato yesterday…)

rawsome vegan baking

Anywho, just answer the question (seen in the Rafflecopter box below) for one entry. For the additional entries, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter box below (which I think, if you’re viewing this via e-mail or RSS, you can only see if you click through to this site)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(The giveaway is open to residents of the US)

The giveaway ends on the 23rd of March at 12am (London time), when winner will be randomly selected, announced on here in the Rafflecopter box and contacted via their provided e-mail address shortly afterwards.

 Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

Bonus treat! I’m also sharing the recipe for these raw almond joys which Emily has SO CLEVERLY made healthy.

The recipes I’ve seen before for homemade almond joys usually involve using a heck load of sugar to bind the coconut together into a sticky dough. What this recipe does instead is essentially use half of the coconut to make coconut butter (I ended up making extra coconut butter at the time because I wanted it for shnacking! Coconut butter is mega good on toast. You can follow suit, I’m not judging.) which binds together the rest of the coconut along with some honey.

Being someone who can’t leave recipes alone, I added a pinch of vanilla powder too for flavour and super pretty speckles :)

 Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

I hope you’ve got your blenders out already. This recipe is stellar.

And if you want to check out more of Emily‘s raw, vegan recipes go visit her blog This Rawsome Vegan Life (Prewarning: you might actually get stuck on there for a few hours admiring her awesome recipes and pictures.)

 Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}



– Below is the original recipe from Rawsome Vegan Baking by Emily von Euw (called Almond Joys with Crunchy Coconut Center Enrobed in Raw Chocolate). I made a few small tweaks/have substitution suggestions which are listed here, before the recipe:

– I added a small pinch of vanilla powder and Maldon salt to the coconut filling

– I used unrefined, virgin coconut oil instead of cacao butter in the chocolate coating and it worked fine!

– I used raw honey as the liquid sweetener in the chocolate coating (making the coating not vegan). If you want to make it vegan either use maple syrup (which is not raw) or agave nectar.

– I used a 30 ml cookie scoop to portion the coconut centers into smaller portions instead of just dividing the mixture into 6.

Raw Almond Joys/Mounds/Bounty Balls {Vegan + Gluten Free, too}

Yield: 6 large (or around 20 small)

For the chocolate coating:
4 tbsp (60 ml) melted cocoa butter
1/4 cup (30 g) cacao powder
2 tbsp preferred liquid sweetener
For the coconut center:
1 1/4 cups (107 g) shredded coconut
1 tbsp (15 ml) melted coconut oil, or as needed
1 tbsp (20 g) agave nectar, or as needed
To make the chocolate:

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth. Set aside.

To make the coconut centers:

Put half of the coconut into your food processor and process until you get a chunky butter consistency; it may take several minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the remaining coconut, and process until it all sticks together. If it’s too dry, add more coconut oil or agave nectar. Press this mixture into flattened balls and put in the fridge for an hour, until they set. Then dip in the chocolate and allow the chocolate to set. Finally—eat.



  1. says

    To be honest you already had me at “coco..” in the last post and now this happens: coconut, chocolate aand vanilla? That’s a win, win and win for sure! I might be one of the few who hasn’t had the real almond joy thing like ever, ’cause they just aren’t available here, but these little goodies look awesome without even knowing the almond-y inspiration ;-). Luckily there are mostly coconut lovers around here, which means a lot of people to share with to keep me from eating the whole batch on my own. But that might happen anyway, I’m already drooling about your gorgeous (!!) photos!

    • says

      ahahah coconut FOREVER! I’ve only had almond joys in the US but Bountys in the UK are pretty similar and I LOVE them. Coconut lovers are good people, that is a wise plan 😉 I kept sneaking these all week after I made them – had to give the last few away to my friend to stop myself gorging. Thank you so much! :)

  2. Jess says

    The cookbook looks quite lovely, but sadly rafflecopter says that the giveaway has not started yet. When would we be able to apply for the giveaway?

  3. Monika says

    Would love some new gluten-free desserts to try! Am wishing I had some shredded coconut around right now to make these….

  4. Jacqui says

    My favorite way to get a coconut fix is the coconut chips from Trader Joe’s – they are sooo delicious!

  5. says

    I get my coconut fix by constantly being inspired by recipes like this one… and then not being able to help myself when it comes to trying them out! These look AMAZING… I know what I’m doing this weekend. 😉 Beautifully captured by the way!

  6. says

    I love how you kept some country neutrality and posted all the candy bar names. lol But this looks so good, it will be on my next snacking to-do list.

  7. says

    Yes to coconut everything! I’ve been on the coconut bandwagon for like oh, I don’t know, 2 months? :) It’s rather obsessive to be honest. Coconut butter is so bomb. I made some about a couple months ago…maybe that sparked the beginning of our crazy romance…and slathered it on everything! Super good on toast, as you had mentioned. I don’t see anything wrong with this recipe. I mean, it has coconut! Good for you! Cacao powder. Good for you! Win for us all. :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway, super fun! I’ve been experimenting with vegan goodies lately– having just made Oh, Ladycakes version of raw banana bread– super yum! Just stash in the freezer and munch on whenever the heck you want! And I’m thinking these are going to be so delightful. Mounds were always a childhood favorite of mine. :)

  8. says

    These. look. heavenly. Like seriously my mouth is watering. I will DEFINITELY be making these this weekend and will let you know how they turn out.
    My favorite way to get a coconut fix is by eating almond joys. I think they are the American version of Bountys because they are usually the candy at the bottom of the halloween box haha.
    Love your blog, photos, and recipes! Thanks for this recipe! :)

  9. dana says

    coconut macaroons on passover!

    or coconut flour mixed with almond milk to make a fluffy coconut cream to top sweet potato (or anything else) with.

  10. CC says

    I love to sprinkle coconut on different kinds of cakes. I am SO excited to try these tasty treats and would love to try out the cookbook!

  11. Zoe says

    Favorite way to get my sweet coconut fix… Blending fresh coconut meat with frozen or fresh mango, then spooning it over a chia pudding made with coconut milk, agave syrup and a dash of cinnamon. Then a sprinkling of shredded coconut and toasted almonds on top!

  12. Sara Bozzelli says

    My favorite coconut fix is making a coconut butter candy – putting soft coconut butter in a pretty silicone ice cube tray, then drizzling some melted chocolate chips to create thin layer for their bottoms.

  13. Karee Soggs says

    My favorite way to get that sweet coconut taste was coconut butter. But, now it might be these little bites of heaven! I can’t wait to make these! :)

  14. Fe says

    If only I could reach in and grab one!! Now I’m going to be thinking about them the whole day at work 😀 looks amazing!!

  15. Natalie says

    I love chocolate coconut cream pie! I usually mix in some coconut to the banana pudding and then toast some to sprinkle on top of the whipped cream. Delicious!

  16. Melissa says

    Coconut fix? Coconut ice cream (dairy free of course!) with pineapple and toasted coconut flakes. Winning combo, hands down.

  17. Holly says

    I recently made some cookies with coconut oil, almond meal/flour, honey, vanilla, baking soda, salt and mini chocolate chips. I think the dough is even better than the baked cookies.

  18. Becca F says

    I make my own version of almond joy bites and add a little bit of coconut extract to make them extra coconutty

  19. Tara D says

    Ahhhh I love Emily’s work!! Everything she makes is so drool worthy and so simple as well – something we can all try at home! Izy your photos are toooooo tempting they look so delicious and keep up the amazing work because your recipes are amazing, I have made countless things from your blog and every time they work out perfectly!! 😀 Lots of love oxoxox

  20. Tara D says

    Oops I Forgot to answer the question hahaha… definitely my favourite way to get that coconut fix is by sprinkling coconut on everything, and using coconut for all purposes!!!

  21. Jane says

    Holy cow yes please!!! my fav way to eat coconut is toasting flakes in the oven with kerrygold butter/ coconut oil, and sea salt!!!! Mmhm.

  22. Grace says

    Wow, can’t wait to make these! I love coconut! Book looks awesome, too. I might have to buy it if I don’t win 😉

  23. Samantha says

    I love coconut and use it daily….my favorite way to get my coconutty fix is to take a teaspoon or a little more of coconut butter and just eat it….stops all my cravings for sweet things.

  24. Emma says

    Favorite way? Coconut granola, or chocolate covered coconut, or coconut milk…so many options! Absolutely adore your blog by the way, it always inspires me :)

  25. Lucia says

    I love Emily’s blog! Not only are her recipes and photos perfectly scrumptious (even through a computer screen), but she also shares such a positive, beautiful zeal for life and health. I always feel uplifted after visiting her little corner of the internet.

  26. Mackenzie says

    I’ve been meaning to make my own coconut macaroons for some time (I love the raw macaroons from Emmy’s Organics). A raw macaroon cloaked in chocolate is even more appealing!

  27. Katherine says

    I love, love, love macaroons. I had some at Dahlia Bakery in Seattle and I wish I could replicate them! No luck yet.

  28. Celeste says

    Coconut flakes to top my green smoothies, shredded coconut for cakes and coconut oil for raw chocolate :))

  29. says

    OMG I NEED THIS RAWESOME AWESOME BOOK SO BAD! Everything in it sounds incredible!! Thank you for hosting this. I love coconut oil in my smoothies :)

  30. Malin says

    Thank you so much for showing us that blog and the book. I have been looking for a good raw bakingblog for a while!!

  31. Shannon says

    Oh meh lawd I love coconut! I currently have the following in stock: coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut yogurt, and shredded young coconut. It’s getting serious up in this coconut-loving kitchen. My favorite way to enjoy coconut is by topping my vegan Oreo pancakes (recipe thanks to Chocolate Covered Katie) with coconut yogurt.

  32. says

    I know it’s wierd but one of my coconut fixes at the moment is coconut shower gel, I get to smell of it alllll dayyy long, making coco-loco cravings worse. I love a good old fashioned coconut macaron – the kind with rice paper, mmmm!

  33. Danny says

    I always loved bounty! And now I can make it? In your recipe you wrote melted coconut, can you specify if its coconut oil or coconut butter? Thanks.

  34. Chantal says

    Coconut gooooodness! MMMM My mum makes similar things – shredded coconut mixed with coco powder, coconut butter, some of that agar nectar stuff – make mounds of goodness, shove in the dehydrator machine – SOOOOO GOOD!

    My fav coconut fix (bit of a londoner inspiration!) is a smoothie for breakfast – frozen banana, fresh banana, coconut cream or milk (obv a bit of hazelnut/soya milk is needed for some frozen banana loosening if coconut cream is used!) CRUNCHY peanut butter, dark chocolate sauce and almond butter. Add mason jar and straw – easy breakfast for the drive to work. Its like healthy icecream for BREAKFAST!

    Love your blog you clever clever girl! x

  35. Allison says

    This looks amazing (as does Emily’s book!) I love the coconut + chocolate combination. And your writing always makes me smile – Thank you! :)

  36. Tammy says

    My favorite way to enjoy cocnut has always been coconut custard pie ( please, someone find a way to make that raw!). But the quick and easy way for me to enjoy coconut is to grab an Almond Joy. This recipe looks so totally awesome! I can’t wait to try it!

  37. Francesca says

    I’m a total coconut obsessed person too and I hope your train never stops.
    Also, bounty bars are always the ones I eat first in selection boxes and I really want to try these


  38. Anja says

    I just love caramelized coconuton top of yogurt ! :) but everything that involves chocolate + coconut is amazing! I love your blog and your photography! :)

  39. Cherie says

    Love coconut! My most favorite, favorite way to consume it is coconut macaroons. Also like a coconutty curry. :)

  40. Sarah says

    These look gorgeous! I’ve been so excited for Emily’s book to come out – I just haven’t got around to getting one yet. Soon!
    Coconut everything is good. Raw vegan coconut key lime pies, coconut rice with sea bass, coconut peanut butter… give me all the coconut! Definitely making these soon. Come at me, bounty balls.

  41. Emily says

    Coconut in my breakfast–refrigerator oatmeal, regular yogurt, regular oatmeal, whatever it is–is something I have everyday! Coconut oil on popcorn is yummy, too.

  42. Ana says

    I’m not the biggest fan of coconut, but these look amazing! Since coconut isn’t my favorite, I like to add it to my raw candy bars or granola bars for that extra crunch and bit of sweetness!

  43. Elizabeth says

    I’m not on the coconut train with you. Sadly. But I must say you make it look delicious!!! I’ll just wait quietly and patiently in the station waiting for you to disembark.

  44. Rosie says

    I love coconut macaroons with a drizzle of chocolate and old school rice paper on the bottom (I have never been able to find rice paper in the shops for homemade versions tho).

    But wait!! HELLO PINA COLADA!! That’s what little coconuts hope to be when they grow up.

  45. Aylin Ilkmen says

    Hi! My name is Aylin Ilkmen, and I am a religious Top With Cinnamon reader/baker, and for the coconut giveaway, I was wondering if I could still enter if I am from Canada?

    Btw…you whisk up the sweetest recipes and capture the optimal moments of your delectable treats!

  46. says

    Ahhh i ADORE coconut, the leftover bounty’s actually make me so happy, even when people look at me in pity like it’s a bad thing. Chocolate & Coconut together is also a favourite combo of mine, so these look perfect! :)

  47. says

    I’m loving the coconut! I just made some coconut bread the other day which was delicious. These will have to be my next coconut-y treat. Also, thanks for posting such great recipes that are vegan AND gluten free. I have some co-workers with dietary restrictions and this is one of the first places I come to find treats for them.

  48. Haley says


    This is what I’ve been waiting for since I discovered Emily’s blog last summer!!! These sounds positively delish – a perfect thing to use the last of my coconut butter on! I’m addicted to coyo at the moment, with some almond butter and molasses stirred in. Coconut of any kind is good – once I made myself sick off of coconut caramel chocolate chunk ice cream. I think it was worth it. Thank god for coconut – otherwise, what would I do as a vegan???

  49. Josef Rosenfeld says

    these look so good I am going to share it on the Candy Tree Gluten Free Licorice Facebook page, and the Orgran one too.

  50. Corisa Jubinsky says

    coconut chobani is never a let down ! … i get a coconut fix when using coconut oil to take off my makeup everyday ! such a nice smell!

  51. Aylin says

    Hi! I am from Canada, and I am an avid reader of your blog! Which is so Sweet! I LOVE Bounty and I love coconut, so when I saw this…I couldn’t believe it! I was wondering, can people from Canada be eligible for the contest?

  52. Grace says

    I am all about fresh coconut. You get the water, and the meat… What’s not to love?

    But still obsessed with ALL things coconut.

  53. says

    I’ve always loved coconut – from the flesh, the oil to the water! Coconut’s always staple back home (in Philippines) and here in Brisbane it’s precious (more then the ring!) Coconut oil on toast, coconut water sweetened by anything I could find in my pantry. And I’ve been inlove with the raw coconut balls that they sell in the fresh market and buys them every Wednesday I go there!

  54. Stacy E says

    How do I get my coconut fix? Sometimes I feel like a nut (Almond Joys) sometimes I don’t (Mounds)! Ha – I had to refer to the commercial 😉

  55. says

    Hello! I couldn’t have dreamt about a better recipe! Lately I’m a huge fan of chocolate and coconut :)
    I’ve recently discover the new bounty, the dark chocolate one and I’m in love hahah :)
    Perfect recipe, can’t wait to try it! Thanks!
    Much love, Virginie

  56. says

    I laughed about the celebrations comment, because it’s so recognizable. I’m all for the bounties though! These recipes look incredibly good, bookmarking them for sure!

  57. Halle says

    I love that you post about gf and vegan things! My family is vegan AND my mom has celiac disease and can’t eat gluten, so I love coming to your site for inspiration! Keep up the excellent work :)

    • says

      Favorite way to get a coconut fix is either on top of cereal or yogurt (the more often consumed way) or dark chocolate coconut fudge (the more decadent way)

  58. Lucy Sigley says

    I love Lamington cakes – sponges filled with cream with either strawberry or chocolate sauce. The best part is that they are covered in desiccated coconut! They are special to me because they are said to be a New Zealand invention (although the Aussie would probably dispute this claim!) and that is my homeland. I think coconuts are such a diverse ingredient to use – I love that you can use them in sweet items, but also savoury too. These little treats look so delicious – like a healthier version of a Bounty…

  59. Tasha F says

    I love that I can make coconut things and get to eat them all, as I am the only one in my house who likes coconut. Something is seriously wrong with the people I live with.

  60. Emma Roberts says

    I love coconut with chocolate – such a great combo! And if I’m the lucky winner my wonderful little sister will be given the book. :)

  61. Kate says

    A local chocolatier here in Minnesota used to have their own fabulous Almond Joy-like candy bars, but they stopped making them a couple of years ago. I’ll have to give these a try!

  62. Annie Block says

    This may not be traditional sweet, but I LOVE thai green curry made with coconut milk!! So delicious.

  63. Kimberly C says

    For my coconut fix, I don’t think there’s anything better than homemade coconut butter slathered on almost everything although if I’m really desperate than mounds definitely does the trick too, lol!!!

  64. Lainey says

    To get my coconut fix, I really enjoy making a homemade coconut cream pie or a piece of chocolate-covered candy filled with coconut. Yummy.

  65. Vicki says

    It may sound strange, but I get my coconut fix when I eat a delicious bowl of Thai Coconut Soup. Oh. My. Goodness!!!

  66. Erin says

    These look wonderful! As a coconut fanatic I can’t believe I’ve never had coconut butter. You may have started a new addiction!

  67. Julia says

    My favorite way is just to eat some shredded coconut! Or a mounds bar… or coconut butter. Coconut is so good!

  68. Amelia Pitts says

    I love getting my sweet coconut fix with homemade coconut granola in a bowl with almond/coconut milk – yum!

  69. Brittany says

    Almond Joys and Mounds have always been my candy of choice. But really, if it’s got coconut in it, I like it. Occasionally I’ll treat myself to a coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate from Godiva. Always worth it!

  70. Mais K says

    I love the original mounds or Bounty bars…but honestly, Godiva has these dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroons that I dream about!

  71. sophie says

    making almond butter with a swirl of chocolate and coconut throughout it…like almond joy in a jar! 😀

  72. Linda romer says

    The way I get my coconut fix is toasted coconut cupcakes yum! Coconut is my favorite, cant wait to try to make the candy. The book looks amazing. Thanks for the recipe and the giveaway, looking forward to more great recipes.

  73. Laura says

    I used to hate coconut, but now I’m totally on this coconut-crave-obsession sorta thing.. anyways, I made this today and OH.MY.GAHD.! the only thing I changed was the 2 dates I put in the filling, to act like the sweetner (totally worked btw). Awesome recipe, just awesome!

  74. Jeannie J says

    Almond Joy is my all time favorite candy bar. A healthy raw Almond Joy, well who wouldn’t be jumping for Joy?

  75. Cathy B. says

    I love toasted coconut sprinkled over fruit and vanilla yogurt, or mixed into homemade granola. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. cheri says

    Coconut oil most often replaces butter in my baking and I sometimes just eat it out of the jar, it’s so yummy. I also use it to soften my heels…..

  77. says

    Dear gosh,these look amazing! Bounty bars are my FAVE! Emily is also one of my favorite bloggers. Her posts literally make me drool!:) Great photos here! Thanks so much for the giveaway!:) In answer to your question, my favorite way to get my sweet coconut fix, is diving straight into a jar of Artisana raw coconut butter with a slightly warm spoon. Oh my gosh, the warm spoon helps the butter slide right out of the jar, and it’s just heaven in a bite, let me tell you. Just a couple tablespoons and I’m in coconut nirvana. Thanks again!!:)

  78. Nany says

    i have a love/hate relationship with coconut. My stomach is extremely delicate and i cant digest it for some reason so i usually despise coconut.
    But every once in a while i get this weird intense craving for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING coconut flavored. Example: i just made a coconut mousse, coconut curry, coconut icecream and almond and coconut milk yesterday.
    soooo..i think im gonna save this little gem for my next coconut craze!

  79. I Brown says

    I love to get my coconut fix by toasting coconut flakes and adding them to granola for a extra sweet and crunchy kick!

  80. Katie B says

    I love to make my morning mocha with coconut milk, honey and orange blossom water instead of sugar and cow’s milk. I swear it tastes creamier and so much more fulfilling.

  81. Rachel says

    I just made this recipe today & it turned out GREAT! Followed directions and ingredient list exactly. My normally ‘sugar-holic’ teen daughter loved it too. I def need to double the recipe next time. I also had the idea to add mint extract to the filling, thus making a Peppermint Patty version 😉 Thanks for sharing this recipe!!


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