Muesli Snacking Cookies, How to Make Crumpets + Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns

Well today has been a bit of an emotional high for me. You know Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards I was talking about last week? Yeah. You know how I was finalist in the Baking & Desserts category?

Well I’m absolutely stunned and honoured to say that Top With Cinnamon is the Editors’ Choice winner!

The lovely Sarah of  The Vanilla Bean Blog won the Readers’ choice for the same category and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Gotta also give a shout out to my girl Molly who was a finalist for the Baking & Desserts Category too <3 (If you haven’t seen her blog yet, go go go read it now).

aaaand super congrats to all of the other winners!

Anyway, thanks for all of your support guys, I really feel blessed! :)

Crumpets 108 Pb Museli Cookies 049

If you’re a reader of Food52 you may have noticed that I’ve had a couple of recipes up on their site!

I’ve done two posts for their Small Batch column – the homemade hot cocoa mix, and also how to make Crumpets :) (NB: not the same thing as English muffins)

In other exciting news: I’m going to be contributing recipes regularly to The Kitchn (!!!!!). As a long-time fangirl-er of their site I’m so thrilled to be sharing my recipes and photos over there, so keep an eye out for me if you frequent The Kitchn too. Just in case you’re interested in the posts I’ve done so far:

– A few weeks ago I had a recipe for some Muesli snacking cookies, which are such an ace on-the-go energy boost. I was cramming them into my face all week when I made them. Bonus points because they’re moderately healthy AND won’t fall to pieces in your bag.

– Today I’m contributing a recipe for Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns :O Yeah, all you Earl Grey tea fans (who I found out about when I posted that lemon/blueberry/tea cake) will love them.

Okay, that’s it! I’m done with all the links, I promise . Sorry for giving you a lot more tabs to look at when you probably already have a bunch open, but I hope you like the recipes.

Ima go eat some celebration cake :)


Hot Cross Buns 033


  1. helen says

    Congratulations! I’m English; I’ve lived in Florida for many years but I’m still British! Your site, which I found by chance, and photos never fail to amaze me. I don’t know how you manage A-Levels with all you do here and with your baking. I am so excited for you – you are an exceptional person and I wish you much luck in what ever endeavours you choose – preferably maintaining this site!

  2. Laura says

    Congratulations Izy!!! so happy for you! yours and Sarah’s blog were my favorite on the category, so I’m really glad you guys won 😉

  3. says

    Wow, congrats! Saveur awards two years running and you’re still a teenager! I wish I was as productive when I was your age. God, that makes me sound old. I’m only 21, really.

  4. says

    You are amazing. AMAZING, I tell you! Congrats on the well-deserved win. Just read your crumpet recipe, I am dying to make them over the weekend… yum!!! xx

  5. says

    Congratulations! You 100% deserve this award, your blog is amazing! The muesli cookies look like a great revision snack, I’m gonna try them soon:)

  6. says

    Giiiiiiirl, you did it! And jeebus louise, you earned it. I’m sending lots of celebration vibes and yummy thoughts your way, have fun with the YOU partay and congrats!!

  7. says

    i am so so happy for you and i cannot WAIT to hang out in VEGAS!!! (do you have an older sister or something who can get you a fake ID? heh JK but seriously bc we need a celebratory toast or six)

    those earl grey buns look AMAZING!!!

  8. says

    Izy, I meant to say CONGRATS a looong time ago. Your award is SO well deserved. I am constantly amazed by all of your wonderful creations, and not to mention your beautiful pictures.

    I am quite excited to me you in vegas!


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