Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches (GF)

Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches 177

I used to absolutely hate lemon desserts (obv the tables have turned now). I distinctly remember this fact becuase of the lemon meringue pie we used to occasionally get for dessert at school. I mean yeah I TOOK the pie (yo, I’m not turning down dessert) and just ate the marshmallowy meringue topping. I’m pretty sure that it was basic lemon icing drizzled onto fairy cakes that converted me a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

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One tablespoon and Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan)

Tablespoon Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan) 268-2

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest before, you’ll probably have seen a few photos pinned from the likes of the dreamy shops of Food52 Provisions, Herriott Grace, Ariel Alasko and Sweet Gum Co. – gorgeously styled images of beautiful hand carved spoons, rolling pins, cheeseboards and bowls. I have definitely spent a lot of time lusting over all that tableware and the fact that it’s all hand made just makes it extra special. The problem is that they’re all based in the US and either don’t ship to the UK or else the cost of the shipping overseas is like £20 (*sad trombone*).

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Muesli Snacking Cookies, How to Make Crumpets + Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns

Well today has been a bit of an emotional high for me. You know Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards I was talking about last week? Yeah. You know how I was finalist in the Baking & Desserts category?

Well I’m absolutely stunned and honoured to say that Top With Cinnamon is the Editors’ Choice winner!

The lovely Sarah of  The Vanilla Bean Blog won the Readers’ choice for the same category and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Gotta also give a shout out to my girl Molly who was a finalist for the Baking & Desserts Category too <3 (If you haven’t seen her blog yet, go go go read it now).

aaaand super congrats to all of the other winners!

Anyway, thanks for all of your support guys, I really feel blessed! :)

Crumpets 108 Pb Museli Cookies 049

If you’re a reader of Food52 you may have noticed that I’ve had a couple of recipes up on their site!

I’ve done two posts for their Small Batch column – the homemade hot cocoa mix, and also how to make Crumpets :) (NB: not the same thing as English muffins)

In other exciting news: I’m going to be contributing recipes regularly to The Kitchn (!!!!!). As a long-time fangirl-er of their site I’m so thrilled to be sharing my recipes and photos over there, so keep an eye out for me if you frequent The Kitchn too. Just in case you’re interested in the posts I’ve done so far:

– A few weeks ago I had a recipe for some Muesli snacking cookies, which are such an ace on-the-go energy boost. I was cramming them into my face all week when I made them. Bonus points because they’re moderately healthy AND won’t fall to pieces in your bag.

– Today I’m contributing a recipe for Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns :O Yeah, all you Earl Grey tea fans (who I found out about when I posted that lemon/blueberry/tea cake) will love them.

Okay, that’s it! I’m done with all the links, I promise . Sorry for giving you a lot more tabs to look at when you probably already have a bunch open, but I hope you like the recipes.

Ima go eat some celebration cake :)


Hot Cross Buns 033

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF}

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had an awesome Thursday! I made rugelach (Alice Medrich’s dough) with loads of different fillings –

apricot jam, bittersweet chocolate, ground coffee

cashew butter, almond extract, raspberry jam

raspberry jam, desiccated coconut

apricot jam, caster sugar, ground cloves + cinnamon

…in case you were wondering. (I’m also making that note for myself because they were DELICIOUS filling combos. Pat on my own back. woohoo)

and of course MAPLE PECAN PIE. Favourite dessert. HeeelllLO.

Homemade Pomegranate Salt

My mum (who p.s. made all the pretty ceramics I used in this post) also made peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate and crushed walnuts….which is where the partial inspiration for these cookies came from!

I had been cutting a pomegranate in half last week and of course all the pomegranate juice went everywhere – I’m pretty sure I had some on my face – and some splashed into the salt bowl. It stained the salt a super pretty pink colour. Needless to say, when I saw it I dumped a bunch more pomegranate juice in because THAT PINK SALT IS BEAUTEOUS. And then I had to wrack my brains to think of a cool way to convince everyone else to make the salt by sprinkling it on stuff.

The stuff ended up being Peanut Butter Cookies and Chocolate – duh.

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF}

Also guys, it’s the FIRST OF DECEMBER tomorrow. And I think we all know what that means.

It will officially be  the holiday season!

Non-stop ultra-warm jumpers, watching Love Actually, drinking pepperminty hot chocolate, scarves (so many scarves) and Christmas music for cooking/dancing/cycling. YEAH.

But also erm, cookies, or as Carey has put it ‘full-on holiday treat mode’ – agreed.

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF} Homemade Pomegranate Salt

Winter baking is the best, because standing in front of an oven is ah-mazing when you’re cold. It means I don’t leave the kitchen for that 10-minute-ish cookie baking period so I don’t burn things! (I have a tendency to sometimes abandon things in the oven and then become ‘timer-deaf’. It isn’t good)

3 reasons (salt sprinkling, holidays, oven-hand-warmer) to bake cookies now. Okay yep, I didn’t need any more convincing than that.

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF}

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF}

The peanut butter cookies I made were slightly different to my mum’s – I halved the recipe, used butter instead of shortening and oat flour instead of all-purpose. I like how the oats gives them some nubbly texture and also a bigger protein/fiber boost. Mo’ health, mo’ cookies, you know it. Plus it also makes them conveniently wheat free so I can feed them to everyone I know, heh heh heeehhh.

Homemade Pomegranate Salt

But also I used baking powder instead of baking soda. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate using just baking soda in things like cookies. I can taste it so strongly, it grosses me out. I mean, there’s no acid for it to react with so you just end up with this yellow residue and weird flavour. Cookie let down, major town. The baking soda also normally makes things spread more, so because I used powder I got cute little plump cookies 😀

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF}

So seriously if the cookies haven’t convinced you to make the salt, it’s so gorgeous, you should just make it anyway. You can put it in a jar and gift it to people as is. It’s so SPARKLY and icy-looking. Ahhhh.

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Pomegranate Salt {GF}

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Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies



Yeah, you actually see my face and hear my voice (I’m always intrigued when I finally get to hear/see a blogger when I’ve been following them and reading their blog for a while, but that miiight just be me – cue stalker Izy). I explain a little about how I make my videos too, so if you’ve been wondering how it’s done, it’s yo LUCKY DAY, SON.

p.s. make sure you watch the bloopers riiiiight at the end. They’re quality.

The awesome team at SORTED invited me to their studio a few weeks ago to film one of my signature gif-ideos (a.k.a. super long gifs, a.k.a. kinda/not really-stop-motions, a.k.a. videos that some people are really confused by/ hate/love). So of course I said heck yeah and rocked up to the studio like ima make you some cookies.

I revisited my nutella and salted caramel cookie recipe – this time making the cookies with caramel-filled chocolates (I COULDN’T FIND ROLOS ANYWHERE so I settled for Cadbury’s caramel dairy milk which was still A+++) instead of making salted caramel sauce. So they’re actually EASIER and more delicious than before.

Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

So now you’ve seen me make them – you do it tooooo. Grab the recipe below and, for some top bant and delish recipes, be sure to check out SORTED’s other videos on their YouTube channel and website.

Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

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L³ Thursdays: Marble Cookies with Brown Butter Gelato

Chocolate + Vanilla Marble Cookies sandwiched with Malted Vanilla Browned Butter Gelato // Top With Cinnamon for Foodiecrush Mallorca 006-13

Mallorca 014-16 Mallorca 017-17



Sooo quite a lot of things

– I went to Mallorca for a week. This girl got herself a taaaan and ate loads of ice cream and peaches and cherries. It was a treat yoself week.

– As I’ve posted recipes instead of link love posts for like 2 weeks now, I’ve been waiting to say that I was featured in the Teen Bloggers Article in Foodiecrush Magazine! I made these crazy ass chocolate + vanilla marble cookies sandwiched with a MALTED VANILLA BROWN BUTTER GELATO.

*Chhst* Public Service Announcement: There has been a spillage of AWESOME in the TWC ice cream isle *Chhst*

Chocolate + Vanilla Marble Cookies sandwiched with Malted Vanilla Browned Butter Gelato // Top With Cinnamon for Foodiecrush Chocolate + Vanilla Marble Cookies sandwiched with Malted Vanilla Browned Butter Gelato // Top With Cinnamon for Foodiecrush

– aaaand I also did some more photography for Buzzfeed!

– If you subscribe via some way that lets you see my whole blog layout, then you may have noticed I did a tiiiny bit of a revamp on TWC. I added some buttons to the side bar (they’re not very fancy, it was like 5 mins in photoshop :/ )

– I’m finally going to be posting that Angel food Cake you may have seen me talk about on various social media (about a month ago. woahh. Okay, sorry for that!) soon, and a reaallly really quick savoury lunch dealie (although I’m naht too crazy about the photos. Dull lighting, why you maka me cry???)

– and hollly schmoly, the Kitchn named me as one of The Top 15 Food instagrams accounts to follow. Excuse me for a second (*doesn’t* go do 1-person Mexican wave…) What, who ever said anything about Mexican wave?? who even is that?..


– I want to stand around all day and talk about these Cinnamon-Brown Sugar Chickpeas.You have got to be crazy town to not want those.

– Billy made cheddar jalapeño bread. and crouton-ified it. It makes me feel like this.

– These Tomato, Goats Cheese and Basil Pesto tarts are SO GORGEOUS and easy! Heather, how do you make such beautiful food!?!

-Tracy layered up popcorn with toasted coconut flakes. It’s like a parfait, but crunchy and COCONUTTY (i.e. 314% better) . That popcorn, I just… (and my mum subscribes to Shutterbean too, and I knew she’d opened the post because I heard her, FROM UPSTAIRS, going “AHH COCONUT POPCORN”)

-Megan, Megan, Megan, could you put any more things into a sentence that I’d like to make all at once? Ice cream, brownies, cookies and crafts. I’m so there.

– and then there’s Ashley’s Coconut stuffed ice cream. Pretty dreamy stuff. Okay. Well I think we’re seeing a pattern here. Obviously layering coconut flakes into food is where it’s at, and I am all for it. #5ever.

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (with herb-infused butter and fleur de sel) | Top With Cinnamon

It’s pretty hard to not fall into the boring food trap. There are always these pre-determined concepts for how recipes should be, or which flavours should be paired. Yeah, I get that they’re there for a reason.

Tried and true

blah blah blah

but there’s so much more potential!

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (with herb-infused butter and fleur de sel) | Top With Cinnamon

Do you remember the whole balsamic + strawberry craze a few years ago? It’s a good combo right!? but still, I don’t think it’s common enough for it to be a ‘classic’. It’s accepted, but not overly used.

Then there are things like salt and chocolate, pairing the salty with the sweet. As we know, salted desserts are effing awesome, and hugely popular.

I for one, can also tell you that putting some cocoa powder into chile, pomegranate juice into a stew, or apricots into a quesadilla is a REALLY GOOD IDEA.

So when faced with a food that’s just a bit lack luster, go cray.

Simple as.

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (with herb-infused butter and fleur de sel) | Top With Cinnamon

Don’t you always find chocolate chip cookie’s a bit ‘blah’ ? Heck yes that chocolate is going to taste good, but what about the dough?

For me, it’s normally leave-able. As in

I could eat the chocolate

and just leave the cookie part, to be honest.

The dough is a vessel to get molten chocolate into my face. That is all.

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (with herb-infused butter and fleur de sel) | Top With Cinnamon

I think it’s not just me that feels this way because when the chocolate chip cookie recipe came out in the NY times last year (it was last year, right?) everyone was going mentallll over them!

One of the main reasons? Aging the dough, which developed the flavour and produced a cookie that had more depth than the Nestle Tollhouse recipe (btw, has the Tollhouse recipe ever worked for anyone? I always get super flat greasy cookies. Such a fail).

Then there was the whole browned butter phase, and let me tell you, I still brown butter for 50% of things I make, because it’s just another way of giving food a liiiiittle bit more zing.

If you think about it, it’s a bit strange how in baking we use so much less flavour enhancing ingredients. When you cook, you add salt + pepper, a myriad of condiments, herbs and spices. Whereas for baking, it’s usually vanilla, cinnamon, almond or fruit. Sometimes there might be some anise or cardamom. But that’s about it. You might experiment with cayenne in chocolate cookies once, but it’s never going to become a regular addition.

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (with herb-infused butter and fleur de sel) | Top With Cinnamon

and I think that by using that logic, I’ve finally cracked it:

My perfect chocolate chip cookie.

I thought I’d reached perfection a few months ago, when I made these bittersweet chocolate chip cookies, but by changing one little thing this time, I improved them even more!

They have all the things I would ever want: Soft, chewy middle, loads of molten chocolate shards, crisp edges a flavourful cookie dough base (that is deffo not leave-able) and, ofc, some salt on top!

I was asked by Lacoste to make a recipe based on the scent notes in their new L.12.12 Noir cologne, which included dark chocolate, Egyptian basil and verbena.

It made me think about how if they worked together in a scent, why not in a food?

I wasn’t going to go and make a chocolate pesto or anything, I knew it’d need to be more subtle, so the herbs would just do their job to boost the other flavours.

Sooo when I was browning the butter for chocolate chip cookies, I added chopped basil and verbena (which has a gentle lemon flavour) to the saucepan, then strained them out. I was left with this lightly scented butter, that when added to the cookie dough just gave it SO much FLAVOUR!

It wasn’t like *bites into cookie* “HELLOO BASIL”,

it had a herby undertone that simply worked. I asked people to guess what they thought I’d put in it, and literally no one could guess, but they loved them. And so did I, and you probably most def will too, if you make them!


aaand I’m out.

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (with herb-infused butter and fleur de sel) | Top With Cinnamon

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Guest Post: Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies {gluten free}

Guest Post: Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies {gluten free}

Hellooo mah peoples!

I’m ultra delighted to be guest posting over on The Vanilla Bean Blog today (one of my favourite blogs around), with some super summery cookies!

I was inspired by the classic summer pairing of Strawberries & Cream, which I thought would be perfect atop a chewy amaretti cookie (I was so right. It was delish). They’re pretty simple to put together, and also are gluten free! So click on over for the recipe and more photos :)

Guest Post: Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies {gluten free}


Healthy(ish) Single-Lady, Molten Fudge Brownie (Vegan w/ GF version)

Single Lady Brownie- title


because of the whole google-reader shutdown sitch that’s totally ruining my internet life at the mo, and because I keep getting asked by people,


soooo if you ‘like’ it (hint hint hinty hint hint… hint) you can get updates, and read more of the words I type, even more often!! (I don’t actually know if that’s appealing to you, or not…)

(Also on the google reader note – I’ve switched to feedly for my blog reading, and bloglovin’ seems good too)

Single Lady Cookie-226

Secondly, my computer…

My dear, sweet, computer (I liked to call him Sam..well, I call many machines Sam: the 1950’s Kenwood stand mixer (uh, yeah, not even joking), ice cream maker and mini food processor, but whatever.)

decided that 5 years was enough time to be on this crazy planet, and left me yesterday.

As before, I had everything backed up, so I’m good to go; however I still feel a little lost without my Packard Bell (hah, yeah, you might be able to tell why it broke so much now…)

BUT ANYWAY, enough of that, life goes on (and it goes on with chocolate, heh heh heh).

So if you had scrolled to the bottom of the deep dish cookie post, you probably would have seen one of these totally photo bombing the last picture.

Single Lady Cookie-199

I’m sorry, but it just happened.

I think I just go on recipe trends.

There was the whole 2/3/4-ingredient thing, and now I’m making all these single-lady vegan things.

If you think I’m dropping more hints or something, I’m not I’m not I’m not.

I am a single-lady, buuuut I’m not actually trying to advertise that :/

and I’m not a vegan (it’s just convenient to not use eggs for single serving recipes, plus it means more people can make these recipes!), but it is nice to give that buttah and white sugar a rest 😉

But, whatever, I have this to eat. I don’t even care about anything else.



(Note: I slightly modified the above image because apparently some people can’t actually read/ don’t {want to} read the written recipe where I do say that honey isn’t vegan. I take the photos for the recipe using ingredients I have on hand at the moment that I’m shooting. This time I used honey. It was merely out of convenience for ME – someone who isn’t vegan, but is INTERCHANGEABLE with vegan sweeteners like maple or agave syrup as, again, I have specified in the written recipe below. The pictures are just a piece of graphic designnot meant to be used in place of the written recipe which contains the METHOD, notes and ingredients. Sorry this is a long note, but I thought that people would be able to let go of the fact I used honey in one photo – {ooh rebel, I know} but apparently, 2 people so far can’t.)

I literally said, out loud after making this “I don’t even know what I was doing before this.”

As in: this is the best thing ever.


how has this not been a thing? What on EARTH have I been doing that has meant that I haven’t made this before?

Whole wheat, vegan, chocolate, molten, whaaat.

Brownie gif

(the .gif makes it look hard to dig into… not really molten-y; that’s because it had been cooling for about 30 minutes whilst I was shooting, by then! It basically turns into a piece of fudge once cooled, pinky promise)

It’s so easy to make, and so delicious that I want to cry.

You mix it in the freaking dish people – in the dish! You don’t have to wash up anything apart from spoons and whatever vessel you decide to use to mix/bake/eat it up in. Easy as. NOW GO, GO TO YOUR KITCHENS AND MAKE THIS. IMMEDIATELY.

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Single-Lady, Chocolate Chip Cookie (Vegan with GF + PB cookie variations)

Deep-Dish, Single-Lady, Salted Whole Wheat Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie (with gluten free and peanut butter cookie variations)

Direct link to vimeo: Deep-Dish, Single-Lady, Salted, Whole Wheat Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie from Izy Hossack – Top With Cinnamon

{or a direct link to Youtube here}


Damn, that’s a long title, but I think that the cookie deserves it to be honest:

You can make yourself a deep-dish, semi-healthy (I used coconut oil, whole wheat flour, bittersweet chocolate and maple syrup. No white sugar or butter!) cookie/blondie thing for only you (so you don’t end up eating a million cookies), it basically only takes 15 minutes and one dish (you mix it up in the dish it’s baked in).

Single Lady Cookie-3

So we’re doing this, yeah? You’re in. Good. Step by step I’ll take you through the ‘anatomy’, if you will, of this cookie:

Deep-dish: well, that’s what it is, it’s baked in a dish, that’s deep for a cookie! It’s more like eating a blondie to be honest, but that doesn’t sound as good..
Single-lady: it makes enough cookie for one single ladeh, i.e. single serving (if you baked it like a cookie, it’d probably be like 2 medium cookies..that’s one serving right!? right?)
Salted: salt in it, salt on it. Salt. As we all know, salty-sweet is delicious and has to come up at least twice a month.
Whole Wheat – I used whole wheat flour! Who would have even guessed? Just making it a little bit better for all of us 😉
Chocolate chip cookie – …I think you’ve got that
Vegan – not an egg in sight! I also used coconut oil to keep it vegan, but if you’re a butter gal (I totally normally am) go for it, I’ve tried it and it’s just as awesome.
Gluten free variation – right, so I tried the recipe out just straight up substituting ground almonds for flour. It didn’t work out. It was incredibly delicious but more like eating caramel rather than a cookie. So I made a few changes; reducing the sugar and using almond butter instead of coconut oil (less fat = less gooey, I figured), and oat flour (just ground up oats) and it worked!
Peanut Butter Cookie variation – following on from those gluten-free adaptations to the original recipe, I used peanut butter instead of almond butter, to make a peanut butter cookie! Wooh!
-The gluten free, nut butter variation can be made using whole wheat or a.p. flour too, it’s just not as gooey as the coconut oil version.


I have been testing and eating these all week.

For you,

of course.


But that’s not all I’ve been doing!



It’s been a very busy half term,

I went to the Brits! I saw JT make a dramatic entrance with a chandelier-curtain-thing, I shuddered through One Direction’s song, Mumford and sons and Muse played kick ass songs and I noticed that undeniably sassy look on Taylor Swift’s face when she ended ‘I knew you were trouble’ (Harry Styles was the room…it was majorly awkward),

I went to the after party; I got free cotton candy (the guy who was making it had cotton candy ALL OVER HIS FOREARMS. It was hilarious.) and a white chocolate skull from some insane doctor actor. However the party full of mid-30-year-olds awkwardly dancing to remixes of the black-eyed peas, so we left after half an hour.

Single Lady Cookie-28


(side note: is it possible to be in love with a photo? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY WEEK. At least now my friends know what my phone, computer and ipad background will be until next Sunday.)

I made another food video (the one at the top of the page!), finally!

and a song-c0ver video with these chicas,

I made 2-dozen cupcakes (you can see them in the background of the video at one point), and 2 sheet cakes for my brother to sell at his toastie stall at a festival launch party.

I got round to actually photographing these cookies (I think I’ve been taunting some people with them for about a week on instagram)

chocolate chip gif2

and now you can finally get the recipe,

Gahd Izy, why does it take you so long to do things?

I’m just a procrastinator and tension builder, what can I say…

Single Lady Cookie-105

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