Sweden Photography Workshop & 5 Basic Photography Tips (ft. SORTED)

5 Basic Photography Tips

When I decided to take my gap year (not a gap yah) last summer I didn’t think I would be travelling at all! No trips to Bali to ‘find myself’ or backpacking around the world. Somehow though, I’ve ended up spending a month in New York with plans to travel to Berlin next month, then Sweden in July…

That last trip is one I’m particularly excited about – I’ll be joining the dream-team of Eva and Carey who are hosting a Food Styling, Photography and Portrait Workshop in Sweden along with Elenore. If you’d like more info about the workshop you can check out the details and book yourself a ticket here. 

If you’re just looking for some basics to get you started, then this post is for you! One of the things I (and probably loads of food bloggers) are asked about a lot is food photography. It can be intimidating picking up a DSLR and trying to figure out how to use it. I teamed up with my friends at SORTED to make a fun video for you to quickly explain the basics. I’ve also added stills for each tip with a written explanation below. Let me know if you enjoyed the vid & tips and if so I’ll work on some more Tip-Type posts (also feel free to suggest things you’d like me to write tutorials on).

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Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches (GF)

Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches 177

I used to absolutely hate lemon desserts (obv the tables have turned now). I distinctly remember this fact becuase of the lemon meringue pie we used to occasionally get for dessert at school. I mean yeah I TOOK the pie (yo, I’m not turning down dessert) and just ate the marshmallowy meringue topping. I’m pretty sure that it was basic lemon icing drizzled onto fairy cakes that converted me a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

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Top With Cinnamon Book Launch at West Elm

book launch

I’m in Chicago this week and headed down to New Mexico next week but I still need to tell you about my book launch! I’ve already instagrammed and facebooked it but if you haven’t seen the details yet here ya go!

The book launch will be held at the West Elm London store (Tottenham Court Road) on the 18th of September from 6-8 pm.
I’ll be there (sorry if that put you off :/) and there will be an array of snackies, from the book of course, and drinks. I’ve linked to the West Elm Facebook page event for it below but you don’t have to join it in order to be able to come. Just turn up if you want to for as long as you’d like! If you have a copy of the book you can bring it for me to sign, but there will also be copies of the book there (at a discounted price) for if you want to buy it. I mean you could just turn up and I’ll give you a cookie and a high five, then I’ll sign your arm and we’ll take a selfie if you’d like.

Top With Cinnamon, The Cookbook!!

Trailer 010

The book can be ordered here:

Amazon.co.uk (UK)  Waterstones (UK)   Foyles (UK)
Amazon.com (US)
Booktopia (Australia)
The Book Depository (Worldwide)

It has been about a year since I started making my book and today is when I finally get to tell you as much info as poss about it. Mainly I wanted to show you the cover, cos unless you’ve looked it up or seen it on instagram you probably have no idea what it looks like at all.

Other little facts are that it contains 75 recipes, both sweet and savoury! I think like 3 of them are from the blog but the rest are completely new. There are a few gluten-free and vegan recipes in there too (Many of the recipes which aren’t gluten free/vegan would be easily adaptable to suit your dietary needs). I tried to create a balance between the indulgent stuff (like ‘bluebarb’ streusel pie and stromboli) and healthier things (like chickpea + pomegranate dip and banana buckwheat muffins) so there’s something in there for everyone.


All promo stuff for the book on twitter and instagram will be tagged with #TWCcookbook so you can follow along and add your own photos/tweets!

US cover

It looks slightly different in the US, with a dust jacket cover as shown above. If you want the other cover though just take off the dust jacket and there ya go! The UK/AUS cover is underneath so you can take your pick :)

book 020

Every recipe in the first 5 chapters has a full sized photo to go with it. In the last chapter there are a few photo grids (you can see an example of one near the bottom of the page for making pastry) and some lifestyle shots mixed in with the recipes. There are also even more lifestyle shots throughout the whooole book…

…In other words there’s hella photos in there, all styled and taken by moi :)

book 024

book 052 book 050

book 028


book 048 book 049

Muesli Snacking Cookies, How to Make Crumpets + Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns

Well today has been a bit of an emotional high for me. You know Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards I was talking about last week? Yeah. You know how I was finalist in the Baking & Desserts category?

Well I’m absolutely stunned and honoured to say that Top With Cinnamon is the Editors’ Choice winner!

The lovely Sarah of  The Vanilla Bean Blog won the Readers’ choice for the same category and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Gotta also give a shout out to my girl Molly who was a finalist for the Baking & Desserts Category too <3 (If you haven’t seen her blog yet, go go go read it now).

aaaand super congrats to all of the other winners!

Anyway, thanks for all of your support guys, I really feel blessed! :)

Crumpets 108 Pb Museli Cookies 049

If you’re a reader of Food52 you may have noticed that I’ve had a couple of recipes up on their site!

I’ve done two posts for their Small Batch column – the homemade hot cocoa mix, and also how to make Crumpets :) (NB: not the same thing as English muffins)

In other exciting news: I’m going to be contributing recipes regularly to The Kitchn (!!!!!). As a long-time fangirl-er of their site I’m so thrilled to be sharing my recipes and photos over there, so keep an eye out for me if you frequent The Kitchn too. Just in case you’re interested in the posts I’ve done so far:

– A few weeks ago I had a recipe for some Muesli snacking cookies, which are such an ace on-the-go energy boost. I was cramming them into my face all week when I made them. Bonus points because they’re moderately healthy AND won’t fall to pieces in your bag.

– Today I’m contributing a recipe for Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns :O Yeah, all you Earl Grey tea fans (who I found out about when I posted that lemon/blueberry/tea cake) will love them.

Okay, that’s it! I’m done with all the links, I promise . Sorry for giving you a lot more tabs to look at when you probably already have a bunch open, but I hope you like the recipes.

Ima go eat some celebration cake :)


Hot Cross Buns 033

How to Make Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa 1

Hey Friends: I’ve got a recipe for Hot Cocoa mix up on the Small Batch Column of Food52!

(there’s bittersweet chocolate and coconut milk powder involved – so so so so good.)

Click on over to find (and save or print) the recipe.

In other news

– I was interviewed for Food & Wine magazine’s website in their ‘blogger spotlight’ column!!!! (so cool) You can check it here! :)

– I’m in the running for the Homies in the ‘Best Blog from Abroad’ category on The Kitchn -so thanks to whoever nominated me and whoever has voted as well! If you wanna vote for me too then the link is here and I will send you internet hugs 😉

– Dana and John released a digital 31 Meals Cookbook!! It’s utterly gorgeous and a go-to source for me when I just have no idea what to have for supper. (p.s. my fave is the Kale falafel recipe – it’s mega healthy and really filling). Those two are always bringing out such stellar resources for food bloggers! Too awesome.

-Stephanie is writing an eCookbok about quick breads and muffins which is basically my dream come true. I am crazy for loaf/ muffin shaped food. Excitinggg!!

Hot Chocolate 216

I’m on half term this week buuut have managed to reserve no time for bloggy goodness so far which is why this recipe/not recipe post is a thing that has happened! But I *should* be back here this weekend with a real post 😉

Healthy Sticky Chocolate Fudge Cake (like, super fudgy no joke) {Gluten, Dairy + Grain Free}

Healthy Sticky Chocolate Fudge Cake (like, super fudgy no joke) {Gluten, Dairy + Grain Free}

What is it with me and the loaf cakes at the moment? I have no idea why I keep making them.

Kathryn tweeted that she thinks cake just tastes better when it’s loaf shaped, after making a super luscious Lemony Yoghurt Cake

and I think I agree.

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New York


I went to New York! I took photos! Half of them worked!

Like what is even going on in the first photo? I do not understand how only the bottom half of the film got exposed. Weird, but it’s a kinda cool effect!

Anyway, I’ve just put some of the photos below for you to take a gander at, and there’s a list of my food experiences strewn throughout. Basically everything I ate was AMAZING so unless the note says otherwise, you can safely assume that the thing was delicious and that yes, you should eat it too.


ABC Kitchen – Kabocha squash toast, Mushroom and farm egg Pizza, Chocolate, malt and marshmallow layer cake.

The kabocha squash was to-die-for. Luckily the waitress was INCREDIBLE because she not only knew what was in it, and how it was made but she also just told us so I wrote it all down on my phone (p.s. recipe soon.). The pizza was very good – I did find it a little too intense to eat the whole thing (I was luckily sharing with others). The chocolate cake had lots of flavour but I think I would have preferred more ganache on the outside instead of the marshmallow frosting.

(P.s. the store is gorgeous. Even if you can’t get a table at the restaurant – which is like Power Lady Lunch central at midday, which is pretty brilliant! – walk around the store.)

Four & Twenty Blackbirds– Bittersweet chocolate pecan pie.

Pecan pie is my fave (I’m jittery at the thought of Thanksgiving being so soon because of the Maple Pecan Pie my mum makes) but the addition of chocolate, and the perfect pie crust made it 10000x more face-smashingly good. In retrospect, I’m a tad sad that I didn’t order MORE of this pie. Bonus points for an ultra cute business card!



Seersucker – Heirloom tomato soup, grilled cheese, biscuits, pimiento grits.

The soup was creamy and light with a slight kick. The grilled cheese was also punch-the-wall delicious (why wouldn’t you want melted cheese and bread..?). Super light biscuits (first I’ve ever had! I’ve had scones, but not biscuits) which I loved because they were also square and had three little pots of jam with them. . I also had some pimiento grits which were like cheesy, peppery polenta. MMMMM. I don’t understand how everything here could be so tasty. I also got to meet Kerry (of Cherry Bombe) and Gabi here, who were genuinely the nicest people ever.

Empellon Taqueria – Chicken and black kale tacos, Queso fundido with shishito peppers (a brilliant rec. from Gabi), goood guac & salsas

It was reallllly busy and pretty loud (mostly due to the music though) and the waiter messed up one of the orders but that meant we got complimentary guac and salsa! My taco had loads of flavour and even though I ordered the ‘app size’ which is three small tacos, I was ridic stuffed by the time I’d eaten two. The thing I REALLY liked though was the cashew salsa. It was very creamy, smoky and quite hot. #ineedtomakeit. Queso fundido was a new experience for me – it’s literally a small skillet of melted Mexican Chihuahua Cheese with peppers in it. You wrap it up in a little tortilla and just EAT it. AGAIN: Bread & melted cheese. Can’t go wrong!


Momofuku Noodle Bar – pork ramen, pork buns, lucky peach (lucky charms) soft serve.

The steamed pork buns were my favourite thing here. They had a little bit of hoisin schmeared on them and supremely soft pork. The ramen was tasty, with more of the tender pork and a nice runny poached egg on top. The soft serve was slightly strange (but still good!) – pastel green in colour and slightly salty. Having never eaten Lucky Charms in my life I can’t tell you how much it tasted like the cereal.

Zucker Bakery selection of cookies and a ‘rose’ (bread dough swirled with chocolate chips).

Sooo cute! Had a really good latte here along with plate of the different cookies. They were all spiced with things like clove, ginger and cinnamon, but not in an overpowering way. They weren’t overly sweet either which was a relief! Go here go here go here.

Lafayettewaffles with banana and nutella from the cafe. Canneles (first time I’e ever had them!), croissant and pain au chocolat.

I always order waffles if they’re on the menu because when you don’t own a waffle iron, believe me you get your hands on those breakfast treats whenever. you. can. They were light and the bananas had been bruleed with some sugar – yuuuum! The canneles were crispy,custardy perfection. The pastries had the best texture that I’ve tasted in a WHILE, mega flakes and crisp.


Birdbath Bakery– vegan Raspberry Bran muffin (fave), blueberry cornmeal muffin ( a bit too gritty for me but the flavour was good), pear and ginger cornmeal muffin, bakers muffin.

When I visited New York 2 years ago, I went to Birdbath got a raspberry bran muffin . I got it again for the train journey to Boston this time, because it was so good last time. On a different morning I had the blueberry corn which I didn’t like as much as the raspberry, but it was still delicious corn muffin. On another day I had a bakers muffin – basically dough scraps rolled in cinnamon-sugar with walnuts and raisins, baked in muffin form. Like a cinnamon roll muffin. Delish.

City Bakery – chocolate chip cookie

I’d heard a lot about the City Bakery cookies- mostly because of Maury Rubin who started the whole ‘age your cookie dough’ thing (a rule which I’ve lovingly adopted). It was crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle, perfect texture. BUT it had semisweet chocolate in it. I felt that due to the sweetness of the dough, the semisweet chocolate made it a bit sickly and would have preferred a 70% cocoa chocolate in it instead. Plus a sprinkle of salt. But now I’m basically describing my Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, so lets move on.

The Butcher’s Daughter – the best kale salad, kale chips.

This was very close to where I stayed so we went there on the day we landed, for lunch. I can’t even describe how GOOD it is to eat something like a kale salad after travelling all day. It was just what I needed to re-set! I also tried the kale chips (which had that cashew, lemon juice and nooch dressing on them) which were A++++



BAKED caramel coconut cluster bar, sweet & salty brownie, brookster

Coconut, caramel and chocolate in bar cookie form. Verrry goood apart from the size – it was giant! haha. The brookster was awesome – and surprisingly less sweet than I was expecting which meant it wasn’t overly rich. Hooray!

The brownie I was looking forward to trying because of the Baked brownie having so much hype. I don’t think it lived up to it though. It was too dense for me, more like eating fudge to be honest. I prefer to have brownies that are a little lighter in texture.

Ace Hotel / The Breslin pumpkin muffin, currant scone

The pumpkin muffin had golden raisins in it which was nice, they added texture and sweetness. It was lightly spiced and not heavy or dry. woooohooo! The scone was super buttery (so it didn’t require any kind of spread with it) and totally moreish.



Blue Ribbon bakery Market – Matzoh

Crisp and addictive. Probably could be made easily at home…! One had cinnamon-sugar sprinkled on it, and one had cheese and herbs. Can’t fault it.

Non-Food Things

Ikea Ferry – easy to take across the river when coming back from Redhook, instead of trekking to the nearest subway station!

The Highline – pretty pretty pretty! You can get away from the crowded streets up to the brilliant view of the city. Somehow it was also a golden zone for my film camera which decided to actually work up there (which you can see from the multiple photos I took on the highline, above)

Brooklyn Flea (Fort Greene) – After searching for a while I bought some stacking rings here. Also got a pizza from some dudes with a pizza stall and a wood burning oven on wheels (can I have one of those too? please and thanks.)

ny 003


ny 001

Browned Butter, Caramel & Coconut Skillet Apple Crumble

Browned Butter, Caramel & Coconut Skillet Apple Crumble

The light is gradually getting more and more grey here – especially today when it started TIPPING down with rain. It makes it actually more believable to me that it’s October – I’m used to the rain, I expect it. That and how the supermarkets are all lined with purple/black/green aisles because Halloween is coming! But, because I’m going away for two weeks I’m essentially missing it, so I pulled out the weird thin, curvy, serrated knife that I’ve only ever known for the purpose of carving pumpkins and made my jack-o-lantern for this year.

(Yeah I suck at cutting in straight lines, shhhhhhh. Shhhh.)

Browned Butter, Caramel & Coconut Skillet Apple Crumble

Yeah all those pinterest-y decorated pumpkins in slideshows called things like ’10 ways to decorate a pumpkin with no carving!’ are pretty cool. My issue is that I actually love carving pumpkins. I’d rather have the fun of carving it and end up with some crappy, weird-faced ‘monster’ pumpkin cos I get to pull out all the pumpkin innards with my bare hands (any one else find it enjoyable? I used to HATE that part but now I find it so satisfying) and have that pumpkin-y aroma drifting through the kitchen.

Much nicer than the aroma of gold spray paint, nail varnish or glue, right? 😉

Browned Butter, Caramel & Coconut Skillet Apple Crumble

I had more photos of this crumble in the ‘set’ but a) it was way darker than the counter-top and b) some photos ended up looking waaay too ‘country-life’ for me and I had to delete those files immediately.

Browned Butter, Caramel & Coconut Skillet Apple Crumble

(Heeeey random squash on the counter)

Apple crumble is my dad’s a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e. favourite dessert ever. He, however “hates” coconut. I say “hate” because he says he hates it and then eats it ALL THE TIME when it’s in desserts, so he’d probably eat this and really like it. I haven’t had the apple/coconut/caramel/cinnamon combo in a while, but last time I had it was in crepes and it was delicious. 10/10 would recommend.  Burying the caramelised apples in a layer of crunchy, oaty crumble just takes it over the top —> and bonus points! Warm it up on the stove, and serve with yogurt for breakfast with the biggest mug-full of tea you can get. Living right.

Browned Butter, Caramel & Coconut Skillet Apple Crumble

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L³ Thursdays: Link-Loves and Life #4

6. Honey + Almonds + Apricots-1

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  • Welll I missed last week’s L³ Thursday because it was the day before I broke up from school and I was super burned-out! But I am now freeeeee (..until September).
  • What’s my favorite season? SALE SEASON! YEAH! Been on a few shopping trips and managed to snag a few deals from Anthro and Zara, yayyy for clothes.
  • You know how I pretty much love yogurt to the max? Well, you may have seen on my Twitter or Facebook page that I got to style and shoot bunch of different healthy yogurt toppings for Buzzfeed! I’m so pleased with how the photos turned out. Fresh fruit always makes things look super pretty. (the shots above are some extras pics I took)
  • Also, new nail polish obsession. Sparkles. Whaddup.
  • I love sloths. When I tried this What Species Did You Evolve From? flowchart, it reconfirmed my belief that I am part sloth (I got the two toed sloth, duh)
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  • I went to the Paper exhibition at the Saatchi (got some iphone pics just above). If you’re in London it’s totally worth a visit (and if you didn’t know already, it’s free entry 😉 )
  • I made some realllllly good ice cream. A mashup of my three fave flaves. I’ve revealed what one flavor is on instagram already, you can also probably guess another, but probs not the last. heh heh hehh.

Link Loves

    • Beth stacked up waffles with frosting. She made a waffle tower into a cake. That is what I want for my next birthday breakfast, please + thanks. 
    • Eggs, zucchini, bacon and garlic? This is basically my IDEAL lunch. Jessica = genius.
    • If you’re British you’ll deffo know (and probs love) banoffee pie. It’s already incredibly yum, but Ashlae has UPGRADED it with a homemade coconut milk caramel (and coconut whipped cream). I would gladly live in that pie.
    • Pizza is a task-and-a-half when it’s summer time – no one wants to be dealing with super hot ovens and sticky dough when it’s a million degrees outside. Luckily there is a magical thing called a French Bread Pizza that  exists, which somehow I’ve spent 17 years in the complete dark about!?!???!?? (seriously, I only found out about them a few months ago..) Billy, you rule.
    • Mewsac tahm!