Peanut Butter Cup S’moreo Bars

Today, I’m mixing things up a little.

We’re going to start with a .gif,


If that isn’t enough to make you start weeping

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars


I think when it’s exam time, my body goes into full on crazy-food drive. Last year it was the cinnamon roll pull-apart bread.

This year.


Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars

A complete 180 from those classy, intricate croissants.

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars

Peanut Butter Cup S’moreo Bars (I think that’s about 4 separate dessert entities combined)

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars

What is a s’moreo? Well it’s just a s’more made with oreos instead of graham crackers.

But then I transformed into a cookie bar, and layered with peanut butter and chopped peanut butter cups too.


When I made these, I think that I just needed some soul food – and I’m pretty sure that these bars are what it would look like if I had a soul,

I’m joking.

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars

Obviously it would be cinnamon-sugar toast.

(p.s I’m kidding about the no-soul thing…)

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars

My friend and I ended up spending a good amount of time talking in Napoleon Dynamite quotes this week, (and yes, yes we’re learning his dance) in case you were wondering about that youtube clip above……. (this video made me cry, several times; If you have no idea what I’m talking about because you haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite yet, GO DO IT NOW – well, after you’ve made these bars actually)

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars -ingredients

5 layers of pure enjoyment: crushed oreo base, peanut butter, milk chocolate, toasted marshmallows, chopped peanut butter cups. ( I totally tried writing the text on with chalk, and it TOTALLY failed.)

Minimal skill, time and ingredients required = maximal enjoyment.

Fair warning though – you might want to tell people that the bars contain oreos….that dark base can be extremely misleading (i.e. I think everyone thinks they’re majorly burnt when they see them)


You can totally see my glasses in the corner of that .gif… (and my glittery nail varnish 😀 )

p.p.s I got the most views in a month I’ve ever had last month, thanks for spreading the croissant tutorial around, I LOVE YOU ALL.

Peanut Butter Cup S'moreo Bars


(I think that was the least cohesive piece of text I’ve ever written, my brains are scrambled from the bio, chem, maths and stats revish at the mo, I apologize)


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Oreo Mint Crunch Brownies

I think it’s been a while since we’ve had a round of ‘everybody laugh at how weird/silly Izy is’, and of course, those moments never stop happening. Should we have a story? Yeah it’s story time (although, this is a pretty short one).

So one night, I was just about to go to bed, and I wanted a nice warm drink. I boiled the kettle while considering my options: Tea, green tea, Jasmine Tea (which btw, I find pretty much like drinking rainbows and smiles – it’s a beautiful experience, you should try it). I decided I would go down the ‘hot juice’ route; it sounds really weird, but apple and blackcurrant squash + hot water is amaze.


(Yes. Yes, I am Sixteen. But sometimes, a girl needs some nostalgic artificial fruit flavourings, okay..)

Kettle boiled, perfect ratio of squash to water mixed, mug picked up.

Sip taken.

…(I’ll just emphasise that). SIP TAKEN.

…still don’t get me? a mouthful of BOILING HOT fruity-water taken.

Then a freaking reflex reaction which led to me spilling said boiling beverage onto my mug-holding hand. Oh no, oh no no no no no.


Needless to say, I burnt my whole mouth. Not fun when you’re an obvious foodie – a large amount of this love of food stemming from being able to taste things.

aaaand that was pretty unrelated to these brownies apart from the fact that even if you didn’t have tastebuds, they are so delicious that you would crave them, just by looking at them.

They’re fantasico and you should make them because, as the friend I made them for said,

“The world needs to know about these brownies Izy. The world needs to know.”

Enough said.

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